Extended Loan Request

  • Extended Loan Requests may be made for up to one quarter
  • Quarter long requests should be submitted by 2nd week of quarter
  • Submit by Wednesday of Evaluation Week for requests over academic breaks
  • Students must provide proof of paid tuition and registration for the following quarter when requesting equipment over an academic break
  • Some high-use items may not be available for Extended Loans
  • Some low-use items do not require an extended loan request
  • Please call Media Loan at 360-867-6253 if you have any questions
First & Last Name
Enter your A#.
Enter your Evergreen email address. Confirmation receipt will be emailed to this address.
Enter your Program or ILC title.
What day do you want to check out the equipment?
Must be returned by the Monday of Evaluation Week of current quarter.
Select from this list of commonly requested items - or enter your request in the text box below.
Enter equipment not listed above or accessories (such as headphones) that you want to check out.
Let us know why you need an extended loan as opposed to the normal loan period.



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