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Unpaid Internship available

Department of Ecology, Water Resources Division, Information Technology Section

Digitizing water right sources and places of use into an enterprise relational geodatabase

Job description

The intern will be entering water right points of withdrawal and place of use polygon shapes into an enterprise relational geodatabase. They will query the Water Right Tracking System database for water right certificates, which contain the information needed to digitize the point and polygon shapes.

As they interpret the legal descriptions, the intern will become familiar with land survey legal description concepts, such as township/range, sections and section divisions, metes and bounds and compass directions. Some document research and amateur sleuthing will be involved, as water right legal descriptions can vary as to completeness, accuracy and/or legibility.

Check out our work so far:


  • Familiarity with ArcGIS
  • Familiarity with Windows operating system and Excel
  • Math calculation and conversion skills
  • Familiarity with basic database principals


  • 3 month minimum

No pay, but can be useful for brushing up on GIS skills, learning new skills, putting on resume, and earning college credit via learning contract.



Anna Trombley

(360) 407-6120