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Location: Fairbanks and Barrow, Alaska. Duration: 3-6 Months. Job Type:
Seasonal Number of Openings: 2. Application Deadline: 17 Dec 2012. Job
Description: Two technicians needed mid-May to late August or September
2013 to assist with nesting biology studies of threatened Steller’s and
spectacled eiders for the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Barrow,
Alaska. The USFWS’s Endangered Species Program (based in Fairbanks, Alaska)
has been monitoring Steller’s eider breeding biology in Barrow since 1991.
Barrow is the northernmost city in Alaska and the U.S., with approximately
4,500 residents. Barrow has an active arctic research community, with a
variety of ongoing projects on marine mammals, birds, and terrestrial
mammals. Summer weather in Barrow is typically cold and windy, average highs
range from 35 – 50 F, and average lows range from 25 – 35 F. Field duties
will include conducting surveys for breeding eiders, nest searching and
monitoring, capturing birds for banding and radio transmitter attachment,
tracking females with broods, deploying and monitoring nest camera systems,
and helping oversee and train a volunteer crew. Technicians will work before
and after field season in the Fairbanks office. Transportation from
Fairbanks to Barrow is provided; food and housing are also provided in
Barrow. Salary: GS–05 or 06/07 level depending on experience (1 position
open at each level). Qualifications: Preferred qualifications include
experience with avian (especially waterfowl) field research, working in
remote field camps, navigating by maps and GPS, and use of ArcGIS and
database programs. Applicants must also be willing and capable of:
walking up to 12 miles per day in hip waders on wet tundra, in cold, windy
weather or possibly warm, buggy weather, carrying heavy equipment and a
firearm for bear protection, working as part of a team, and living in shared
quarters in a remote village. To Apply: Hiring process: Only US citizens are
eligible for paid positions. Non-US citizens should consider volunteering if
still interested (see volunteer announcement).
You must apply for these jobs on the USAJOBS website (URL: during the open period from ~November 30th –
December 17th, 2012. Look for the announcement by searching the USA jobs
website for Location: Fairbanks, Alaska; Agency: Department of the Interior
and then refine with Interior, US Fish and Wildlife Service; Occupational
series: Biological Science Technician (0404). There is one posting for the
GS-05 level and one for the 06/07 level for the Fairbanks Fish and Wildlife
Field Office. Job announcement numbers are:
R7-13-794637-CD and R7-13- 796689-CD. Contact DAVID SAFINE with questions
(EM: David_Safine AT