This position is located on a U.S. Forest Service Unit where the incumbent works independently or serves as a work leader for a crew performing vegetation management, timber sale preparation and administration, and wildlife or wildlife habitat management duties that include some heavy equipment operation, including mowing levees or building low earthen impoundments.

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Timber Management

The incumbent will work as a team leader for two GS-5’s on a regular and recurring basis, and prepares, develops, and executes timber cruises, including cruise design and sample surveys, to develop resource information and estimate quality and quantity of timber for purpose of appraisal, sales administration, management planning, and logging plans.


Duties include:

  • The incumbent will interpret, explain, make minor modifications and enforces timber sale contract provisions and U.S. Forest Service procedures, policies, and standards.
  • Submit written reports of all sale inspections and follows up on deficiencies.
  • Interpret complex silvicultural prescriptions and marking guides to designate harvest timber.
  • Lays out timber sale boundaries in accordance with environmental assessments and other instruction, considering factors such as transportation system, topography, fuels management, silvicultural objectives, wildlife needs, stream protection and other related resource considerations.
  • Develop the schedule and work plans for monitoring and inspecting Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) and reforestation activities.
  • Perform reforestation, timber stand improvement and stocking surveys in accordance with established procedures to determine planting needs, need for site preparation, stand improvement, plantation conditions, and seedling survival.
  • Collect technical data needed to prescribe stand treatment; measurements include radial growth, basal area, site index, stand density, stand condition, etc.  Based on field analysis, assist in preparation of the technical specifications for TSI, tree planting, brush release, or animal damage control contracts.
  • Serve as Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), or inspector, on specific contracts as assigned and/or supervises force account projects.  Ensure all provisions are enforced and proper measures are taken to protect or enhance values in accordance with contract objectives. Prepare and submit related inspection reports, checks for compliance on needed corrective actions, and recommends final acceptance of the contract upon completion.
  • Assist in preparation of recurring reports associated with the unit TSI and reforestation program.


Wildlife Management

The incumbent will work as a team leader for two GS-5’s on a regular and recurring basis applying an integrated resource approach to collaboratively achieve mutual goals and objectives for the unit’s wildlife project plans and program for habitat management.


Duties include:

  • Perform a variety of complex and recurring duties in the assigned area.  Schedule, organize, and execute field wildlife projects for detecting, identifying and evaluating habitat management needs.
  • Using prescribed procedures, resolve complex administrative concerns related to the wildlife project plans for habitat management.
  • Conduct inventories for big game, upland game, raptors, small mammals, invasive species, and threatened and endangered species of plants and animals.
  • Assist with development of reports after higher graded employees have refined and verified the data and analyzed the results.
  • Provide leadership efforts to control invasive species including the application of chemical pesticide.


Equipment Operation

The incumbent will operate one or more types of heavy equipment, such as graders, tractors with bulldozer or angle dozer blades, front end loaders, backhoes, trench diggers, and large industrial tractors with pan or scraper attachments.  Work is generally done on flat or rolling terrain with simple terrain problems such as forest roads and compounds.  Work typically involves mowing levees or constructing low earthen dams or emplacing or removing culverts.


The incumbent will be required to possess and maintain a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL).  If a CDL is required, the position is a Testing Designated Position (TDP) under the Department of Transportation (DOT)/Forest Service Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Program. The incumbent will be required to submit a urinalysis specimen at a designated medical facility, to screen for illegal drug use.  These screenings are require prior to appointment and on a random basis post appointment.


The incumbent will perform other duties, such as boundary line maintenance, recreation management, road or trail clearing, and prescribed fire or fire control duties as they are assigned.

The selected individual will be subjected to a background investigation conducted by the Department of Homeland Security.