Application Deadline: 4:30 pm on March 29, 2013

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General Position Description: 

This is a full-time, at will, position serving as a Conservation Technician for the Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District (KSWCD or District).  This position is seasonal, with the position lasting from approximately April through October. Depending on workload, this position could become a regular position at the end of the season. The successful applicant will serve as the primary equipment delivery and maintenance person for the District, as well as provide technical assistance services for landowners of Klamath County, Oregon.  This position will coordinate planning efforts and implementation for various conservation programs. The position will also work in cooperation with other various conservation and governmental partnership agencies.  This position will also assist occasionally with other tasks related to technical field work.


The Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District is a tax exempt, governmental agency that operates as a special district of Oregon.  The District conducts business on behalf of a locally elected Board of Directors, and receives funding through Klamath County, grants, and cooperative agreements with other governmental agencies.  The District staff provides technical assistance, consultation, planning, and education to the landowners, and public related to natural resource issues.  The Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District is not a regulatory agency.



¨       Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience required in agricultural science, natural resource management, soil and water quality or similar discipline.

¨       Experience in planning or implementation of land management plans that are directed towards sound conservation principles and improvement of water quality is desired.

¨       Applicants must have strong organizational skills, the ability to work independently or as part of a team, and be able to communicate with the project team members.

¨       Applicant also must be computer literate regarding information entry, retrieval and correspondence.

¨       Valid Driver’s License, proof of current insurance and reliable transportation is required. Must be able to operate a vehicle with a manual transmission.

¨       Basic mechanical and welding skills are required. Experience towing is preferred.


Supervision Received:

The Conservation Technician is under the direct supervision of the District Manager.  Work is accomplished independently or in concert with program partners, and with technical resources, manuals, and specialists.  This position works on behalf of the District Manager and the Board of Directors, within the authority delegated by the Board, the District Manager, and this description, and is governed by the policies of the Districts Personnel Policy and Safety Manuals.  The District Manager conducts the performance evaluations for this position.


Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:

The Conservation Technician performs professional field and office functions in the development of land management plans and their implementation.  This work is a part of the water quality improvement efforts in the Oregon Plan, directed towards salmon restoration and healthy streams.


¨       Delivery, set-up and repair of rental equipment; John Deere no-till Drills and a pasture aerator

¨       Assess irrigation practices, and assist landowners in improving water management for their property.

¨       Recognize the need for stream restoration and revegetation practices for water quality improvement.

¨       Attend training to develop Conservation Plans.

¨       Conduct vegetation and natural resource inventories

¨       Assess the need for assistance to individual landowners/managers who want to upgrade an existing land management plan or develop a new plan and prioritize where technical assistance will be provided.

¨       Assist individual landowner/managers in upgrading existing or repairing new land management plans.

¨       Assist individual landowner/managers to determine if their land has a need for management plan.

¨       Assist individual landowners in the implementation of land management plans through the design of planned practices.

¨       Possess at least a limited knowledge of grant writing applications.

¨       Assist in preparation of monthly reports for the District Manager.

¨       Assist in preparing quarterly accomplishment reports for the State Department of Agriculture.


Job Conditions:

  • This position works in both office and field settings.
  • Fieldwork will involve working in and around such locations as farms and ranches; rivers, streams, and ponds; dense vegetation or woodlands; and other areas with steep, slippery, muddy, or rocky terrain.  Must be able to navigate such terrain, as well as wear proper attire for these occasions.
  • The office work may include working at a desk, using a computer, or standing for prolonged periods

of time.

  • This position requires travel for conferences, workshops, training, and daytime and evening meetings.  Travel for these duties may be outside of normal working hours and may last as long as one week.
  • To perform duties must serve as an incidental motor vehicle operator during daylight hours, or after dark.  In order to carry out these duties a valid driver’s license is required.  Use of the employee’s private vehicle may be required and will be reimbursed at the current state mileage rate.
  • Employees shall perform job duties in a prudent and sensible manner, following established protocols to ensure safety.


Performance Evaluation

An annual evaluation will be conducted by the District Manager for the purpose of identifying and measuring employee performance, if position becomes permanent.


Equal Opportunity Employer

The Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District is an equal opportunity employer, providing services to the public without regard to race, color, national origin, religious preference, sex, age, disability or any other provision protected by law.


Salary Range:

Starting salary $15.00-$17.00/hr DOE