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Hamer Environmental L.P. is looking to hire 3-4 team-oriented, experienced seasonal botanists to conduct greater rare plant surveys for a project in central and southeastern Oregon. The work will be performed primarily on BLM lands. The work includes targeted surveys for rare plant species, compiling comprehensive species lists of all plants encountered, determining and locating survey routes, collecting habitat data, transcribing data and reporting to supervisor. Survey work for other sagebrush associated species may also be included in this position. Hamer Environmental is a long-established private environmental consulting firm headquartered in Mount Vernon, WA and Portland, OR. Hamer Environmental offers a wide range of specialty ecological services and endangered-species studies.


Job Responsibilities:

• Conducting rare plant surveys in sagebrush steppe and other east-side habitats;

• Identifying plant species using dichotomous keys; 

• Compiling comprehensive vascular plant species encounter lists; 

• Documenting rare plant species occurrences; 

• Hiking and driving in rough terrain and inclement weather;

• Driving 4WD truck (possibly manual transmission);

• Driving ATVs to access survey areas;

• Collecting and transcribing data accurately;

• Other related work as needed.



• Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in botany, biology, wildlife biology, or natural sciences;

• Two-year experience of botanical field experience required, including conducting field research  studies in sagebrush steppe habitats, prior rare plant experience preferred;

• Experience with additional sagebrush associated species desired;

• Experience with remote camping, working in rugged terrain and inclement weather;

• Orienteering, map and aerial photo skills along with effective communication skills;

• Clean driving record;

• Experienced ATV operator desired, but training can be provided;

• First Aid – CPR certification.


Wage: Salary at: $1400 – $1460 per 2-week period (80 hours)


Closing Date: April 24, 2013


Expected Work Duration: May 1 – August 20, 2013


Contact: Please send resume, cover letter, and list of 3 professional references to Erin Colclazier:  If selected, the interview will by phone.