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The Newport-Sullivan Lake R.D.’s on the Colville National Forest is soliciting interest in a GS-462-7/8 Forestry Technician.  Duty station will be either Newport or Metaline Falls, WA.

Location:  The Newport/Sullivan Lake Ranger Districts include offices at both Newport and Metaline Falls, WA.  Work assigned to this position will include projects within both districts and may involve overnight travel.  It is approximately 70 miles between the two district offices.

Housing:    No government housing is available.

Duties:  GS-07

Major Duties

Prepares, develop, and executes timber cruises and sample surveys to develop resource information and estimate quality and quantity of timber for purpose of

appraisal, sales administration, management planning, and logging plans. Assembles and summarizes data, and prepares reports and maps regarding areas cruised.

Lay outs sales in accordance with EAR and other instructions, considering variables such as accessibility, steep slopes, stream protection, nesting tree protection,

wildlife impacts, fuels management and regeneration requirements. Brings to attention of responsible individual situations where specific prescriptions do not fit

ground conditions. Independently marks trees using and adapting complex marking rules in areas complicated by variations in type, species composition, defect,

site, age, class, etc. Prepares timber sale appraisals considering resource protection needs, cooperative changes, volume estimates, logging methods, improvement

and regeneration needs, etc. Prepares complete contract package. Explains appropriate rules, regulations and contract provisions to prospective purchasers and

operators. Prepares timber sale reports, describing resource and topographic features; prepares timber sale maps, recommends or drafts EAR provisions, prepares

tentative logging plans. Monitors and inspects timber sale operations having conventional contract requirements and conditions. Interprets, explains, makes minor

modifications and enforces timber sale contract provisions and Forest Service procedures, policies, and standards. Prepares written reports of all sale inspection and

follows up on deficiencies. Performs final inspections and recommends acceptance of the contract for closure. Performs other multifunctional work as assigned such

as wildlife, TSI, reforestation and fire control duties.


Duties:  GS-08

Prepares and executes a variety of conventional timber cruises and sampling methods to estimate quality and quantity of timber.

Determines sample cruise design, selects sampling methods, completes timber sale cruises to estimate volume by species, assembles statistical data, and summarizes results.  Conducts Forest check cruises.

Evaluates logging problems and determines most feasible logging method, considering tractor, skyline or helicopter. Gathers data for logging system analysis such as road access, skyline profiles, and landing location suitability.

Performs on-the-ground timber sale and cutting unit boundary layout considering such factors as accessibility, log-ability, stream protection, visual management, and impacts on other resources utilizing direction provided in the approved Environment Assessment (EA).

Prepares conventional types of logging systems appraisals, completes timber sale appraisals to determine value, and prepares timber sale or stewardship contracts. Is proficient in and utilizes the Timber Information Manager (TIM) computer system.

Coordinates with engineering personnel to assure that location of logging roads and landings are correct.  Works with wildlife, fisheries, hydrology and soils to ensure mitigation required in the EA is met.

Traverses sale areas to collect unit acreage and other data for sale appraisals, logging plans, Knudsen-Vandenberg (KV) plans, Brush Disposal (BD) plans, and Erosion Control and Sale Area Improvement (SAI) plans.

Shows proposed sale areas to prospective purchasers, contractors or interested parties, and explains terms of sale and contract requirements.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Additional Information:

For more information about this position, contact: Jerry Bednarczyk @ 509-446-7526 or  e-mail @

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please complete and submit the attached “Outreach Notice Response Form” to:

Jerry Bednarczyk located at Sullivan Lake Ranger Station, 12641 Sullivan Lake Rd, Metaline Falls, WA 99153 or fax to 509-446-7580 or email