Pierce County Conservation District
Job Descriptions for
Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor & Islands Watershed Program Manager
Nature and Purpose of this Position:
The position of Watershed Program Manager exists to assist small farm owners and operators primarily in, but not limited to the Key Peninsula, Gig Harbor and Islands Watershed in planning and applying natural resource conservation practices. Small farms include, but are not limited to, commercial and non-commercial horse stables and private horse farms, sheep, cattle, llama, pig, goat, chicken, and other livestock farms, excluding commercial dairy farms. The person hired for this position is directly responsible to the District’s Farm Planning and Agricultural Assistance Program Director and works under the technical supervision of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) District Conservationist. This is a full-time, salaried and non-exempt position.
The primary responsibility of Small Farm Planner is to work directly with small farm owners and operators within the district. The measurement of success is conservation practices applied in the field to improve water quality, improve fish & wildlife habitat, and that work to the advantage of the farm operation. Duties include the following:
A. Provide leadership for developing and carrying out a sound continuous program of small farm resource management, including water quality improvement, wildlife and fisheries enhancement, and agricultural management. General knowledge of Pierce County and the people including their problems and concerns is necessary.
B. Contact small farm owners and operators who may be interested in the district programs and discuss with them alternatives for needed conservation practices. This will also include door-knocking to carry out a social marketing grant for the implementation of livestock farm best management practices in near-shore shellfish growing areas.
C. Develop resource management plans for small farms, with emphasis on soil conservation, water quality improvement, and fish and wildlife habitat improvement.
D. Assist and encourage small farm owners and operators in implementing their management plans, preparing field sketches and drawings, using standard Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) designs and by helping to secure funding for individual conservation practices through grant writing and other resource cultivation.
E. Work collaboratively with government agencies, non-profit partners and the Key Peninsula-Gig Harbor-Islands Watershed Council to carry out the mission of the District.
F. Communicate with livestock associations, realtors, government and tribal representatives, feed stores, veterinarians, and others that may be interested in promoting conservation district programs for small farms.
G. Assist in developing educational materials for land users and organizations in the form of brochures, visual presentations, newspaper articles, newsletters, tours, etc.
H. Organize and conduct at least six educational events per year in the watershed.
I. Assist in execution of the District’s annual Tree Sale with the help of other staff members.
J. Assist in assembling the District’s quarterly newsletter. This may include writing articles, gathering photos and diagrams, and maintaining the mailing list.
K. Prepare reports on activities and progress as directed by their or the District’s Executive Director.
L. Maintain a working relationship with members of the local news media, and develop press releases and articles as necessary to promote the accomplishments of the District.
M. Other duties as assigned by the Farm Planning & Agricultural Assistance Program Director or the District’s Executive Director.
N. Work collaboratively with the Habitat Improvement and Environmental Education Program Director to develop a shoreline habitat improvement program for near-shore and shellfish growing areas of the county.
Skills and Knowledge
The person in this position must have a bachelor’s degree with academic training and/or experience in agricultural operations or natural sciences or related fields. Significant job experience may be accepted in lieu of degree. At least one year of experience in similar working environment.
A. Knowledge of a broad range of soil and water conservation principles, techniques, methods and practices to apply and install conservation systems which involve complex and diverse agricultural and other land uses.
B. Basic skill in using Arc GIS mapping software.
C. Advanced computer software skills. Ability to use Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, and MS Publisher in an efficient and effective manor to write reports, keep track of work progress, prepare educational and informational materials and record field data.
D. Demonstrated ability to motivate individuals to adopt and implement resource management practices on their property.
E. Ability to explain or demonstrate to farm owners and operators methods of installing conservation practices.
F. Proficiency in written and oral communication techniques to address groups, to prepare and explain conservation plans, prepare informational articles, and to prepare summary work reports.
G. Ability to operate a motor vehicle for transportation to and from the field.
H. Ability to work closely with others in a public office environment.
I. Ability to organize and plan own schedule of activities related to work plan goals approved by the Farm Program Director.
J. Ability to maintain accurate records regarding time-keeping and authorized expenses.
K. Ability to work outside in all kinds of field conditions and weather.
L. Interest in and commitment to natural resources enhancement and public education.
M. Service oriented attitude and constructive problem solving skills.
Salary and Schedule:
This is a full-time position consisting of 40 hours/week. Position will require some work on Saturdays or after regularly scheduled work hours. Starting pay for this position is $4,491- $5,607
/month, depending on qualifications. Benefits include retirement, medical/dental/vision, as well as accrued paid sick leave, annual leave, and 10 paid holidays.
To Apply:
Please submit a cover letter describing the experience and skills you would bring to this position (not to exceed one page, single spaced), resume (maximum two pages), and three academic or job related references to the Pierce Conservation District. Mailed applications must be postmarked by July 25, 2014. If hand delivered, applications must be received at the Pierce Conservation District office no later than 4:00 p.m., July 25, 2014. Mailing and physical addresses are listed below. Electronic or faxed applications will not be accepted.
Contact Information:
Rene’ Skaggs, Farm Planning and Agricultural Assistance Program Director
(253) 845-9770 ext. 106 or renes@piercecountycd.org
Physical Address:
Mailing Address:
Pierce Conservation District
Pierce Conservation District
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