Permaculture Community fellowship

Windward Education and Research Center
55 Windward lane
Wahkiacus, WA
Posted: July 18 2016
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Unpaid


“The restoration of vibrant, fierce communities of women across the globe would eradicate much of the world’s injustice almost overnight.” –Christiane Pelmas, MSW,

The foundation for resilient, equitable culture is laid when people create alliances with one another and form mutually supportive circles that protect the long-term welfare of the community, and that inspire and require integrity and character— first in themselves, and then by their example in the other members of their community.

Fellows will be exposed to conceptual frameworks, practical techniques, and living examples of ways to maintain ecologically sustainable community. Fellows contribute to the daily life associated with sustainable living systems; such as tending to gardens, feeding animals, and working with sustainable infrastructure.

Creating sustainable culture is truly an inter-disciplinary task, requiring the integration of a variety of skills and backgrounds, interests and passions. So we encourage fellows from all academic background to apply. But more than academic interest, however, creating sustainable culture requires courage of heart, strength of spirit and a determination to create a better way of living. If this describes you, we look forward to hearing from you!

What is Windward?
The Windward Center is the non-profit arm of the Windward Community – a land-based village-scale sustainability research cooperative, dedicated to maintaining and developing the knowledge and skills needed to live well with the Earth and one another, managed by an intentional community of over 30 years in the making.

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Application Instructions:
To apply, send an email to with Ping! In the subject line, with responses to following questions:
Where do you come from? both in general and specifically right now in life?
Where do you want to go? What kinds of life trajectories are you already on?
How does Windward fit into your big-picture plans?
What is your Experience living in community and working with nature?
What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses as it relates being an Windward Apprentice?
What time-frame you are applying for? What months or season.
Are you looking to apply for a apprenticeship-scholarship?


Learning Culture:
We believe that sustainability ultimately requires diligence and consistency; working everyday to nourish and grow our knowledge, our relationships, an the living systems which support us. This is a paramount lesson which is found across all fellowships.
Self-direction and autonomy are also important aspects of our approach to sustainability and community. We believe any strong resilient group endeavour is composed of strong resilient individuals.
Windward provides an opportunity to see first hand how well grounded and centered individuals- people who take responsibility for their own personhood- can work together to envision and realize a sustainable culture.
Our combined focus on both research and hands-on work allows fellows to develop their ideas, and see them come to life through hard work and adaptation. Fellows have a unique opportunity to learn and get comfortable in working with their bodies and with a variety of tools and equipment.
Our work with living creatures, from sheep and goats to permacultural food forests and annual gardens, provide the opportunity to learn how the threads of life can be woven together to meet the basic needs (food, fuel, clothing, housing, intimacy, pure water, fertile soil soil and more) of a human community.

Length of Fellowship:
Fellowships are 12 weeks on average although longer or shorter stays are acceptable under some circumstances. The full-immersion experience of an Windward Fellowship necessitates at least a three month stay in order for an individual to become acclimated to the flow of life in community, and to have adequate time to exist comfortably in this context once they get their bearings.

Estimated work load and schedule:
About of 5 hours a day, 6 days a week, totalling 30 hours a week. Approximately 3 hours a day with group work, writing, and general tasks associated with a sustainable community (feeding animals, washing dishes, etc). 2-4 hours a day working on individual sustainability Fellowship project(s), having conversations or getting guidance from coordinators, researching, reading and studying as needed.
One blog post (1-2 pages) every 2 weeks outlining their projects progress or some experience living at Windward.

Fellowships are hosted at Windward’s rural 131 acre campus near the town of Klickitat Washington. Fellows are housed on-site in individual billets, and share a common kitchen facility and workshops.


fellows should want to live in a rural community context, and should expect to learn and define their projects in terms of how it serves human communities.

We desire self-motivated people who come here to pursue their purpose and projects; who take work and safety seriously and want to make a difference; and who will accept the guidance of Windward members.

Individuals should have the capacity for research, critical examination, a desire to learn new skills and put ideas into practice.


Preferred – Sustainability, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Permaculture, Cooperation, Community, Sustainable Forest Management