Natural Resources GIS Analyst/Programmer position.

The position is full time temporary, and would be positioned in Vallejo, CA. Could you please post this opportunity to the list? Thanks!


Our client has the need for technical and analytical support for developing and streamlining workflows to prepare and process spatially-explicit datasets.  This position shall require programming in multiple languages including Python, and R.  The position shall also require advanced knowledge of the following software packages applications: ArcGIS 10, MS Access and MS Excel.

Work shall be performed at client facility in Vallejo, CA.

Position Tasks:

  • Python programming to compile datasets.
  • Automation, using python, of multi-scale (i.e. ecoregion subsection, and bioregional scale) analysis of bioclimatic, vegetation, wildlife and other natural resource data.  In addition, multi-scale summarization of socio-economic data shall also be required.
  • The development of raster surfaces and lists from supplemental data shall be required to produce inputs for modeling ecosystem dynamics, disturbance regimes and other vegetation analytics.
  • Develop cartographic products and perform live on-screen presentations to show how data sets were created, how to interpret the resultant outputs and present preliminary summary statistics.
  • Oral and written communication regarding how datasets were generated or what underlying assumptions are implicit in hypothesis tests.
  • If required, create a knowledge transfer plan to coordinate ongoing work with other designated parties.  This includes identifying and documenting:

o   Project management processes

o   Points of contact

o   Location of technical and project management documentation

o   Status of ongoing technical initiatives

o   Key personnel

o   Identify pending actions required of the Government

o   Establish status meetings for effective communication with the appropriate Contractor/Government personnel for the period of transition

Other Desirable Skills:

Coursework and work-related experience pertaining to natural resource management, as well as analytical techniques for modeling and assessing dynamic ecological communities.

Knowledge and ability to work within the ArcGIS on-line environment.

Duration of Project:

It is estimated that this project will require 1920 hours. Work shall be completed by December 31, 2018, with the possibility of extension.

Please send resume and cover letter by 4/14/2017 to:

Morgan J. Omdal | GIS Manager