Imagine an internship where you…

  • contribute to the protection of public health and the environment
  • conduct field inspections, sewer sampling, flow monitoring and manhole locates
  • learn about project management including cost estimating, budget, and schedule for large construction and maintenance projects
  • create websites and troubleshoot information technology (IT) issues
  • work on green building and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (L.E.E.D) projects
  • learn Geographical Information System (GIS) databases and map locales
  • participate in pump replacement data collection and support
  • present your individual or team project to wastewater staff and peers
Visit the WTD education program for a list of high school summer internships and career opportunity events and career fairs.

See yourself in one of these college internships

This is a list of current (summer 2018) internships for fully enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.
Become familiar with construction contract documents. Understand and develop knowledge of construction techniques commonly used in the construction of wastewater facilities.