TOGETHER! is a nonprofit organization founded in 1989 to serve youth and families in Thurston County with a mission to advance the health and well-being of all young people.

Depending on your interests and schedule, activities may include:

– Distributing food, clothes, and other donations to students

– Grant-writing and research

– Volunteering with local after-school programs

– Proposing and developing new ideas and programs

– Mentoring one-on-one

– Administration

– and MUCH MORE!

Within TOGETHER! there are many different programs, all which work towards ensuring that all young peoples are supported, safe, and valued. Interns and volunteers are welcome to explore and assist with as many programs as they wish.


  • Community Schools- Serves ten schools in three different school districts. Community Schools works to create and maintain in-school community resource centers; giving access to food, clothing, school supplies, hygiene items, as well as many other needs to students.
  • Clubhouse- Serves three elementary schools in the North Thurston School District. Clubhouse works towards creating education and youth development. As an after-school program, Clubhouse provides elementary students with hands-on, fun, and creative projects.
  • Right From the Start- Serves families with children ages 0-5 in the Rochester School District. Right From the Start offers ESL classes for parents with childcare provided, parents as first teachers outreach, and ready for Kindergarten classes.
  • Pathmakers- Provides mentoring programs to elementary students in the Tumwater School District. Mentors guide mentees into pursuing education, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and becoming leaders within their communities.
  • Supported After-school programs:
    • Girl Talk-
    • Tech Club-
    • Culture Club-
    • Boy’s Council


As an Evergreen student, an internship can be an exciting and rewarding way to receive credit. Through and Individual Study Contracts, students can personalize their learning objectives and desired schedules.

The activities planning template below provides a better understanding of how many hours the student would need to fulfill a week in order to receive selected credits. For any questions regarding contracts, please schedule an appointment with the Academic Deans/Academic Advisors office on Evergreen campus.

Hours of work 

per week

5 2
10 4
15 6
20 8
25 10
30 12
35 14
40 16


Apply: All applicants should be able to pass a background check.

To apply for an internship: send cover letter and resume to Michael Dennis, Community Schools Manager,