CSI is Seeking a Graduate Research Assistant

Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Period of employment: January 7 – April 12, 2019

Rate of pay: $15/hour

Total hours: 10/week for 15 weeks

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure (CSI) champions a new public works paradigm, practice, and investment discipline in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. CSI links regional innovators, advocates sustainable best practices, and develops skilled professionals who will put these principles to work in infrastructure development. We envision a future where sustainable, resilient, and affordable infrastructure systems provide vital services accessible to all, supporting healthy, prosperous, beautiful, and cohesive communities.

CSI is seeking a graduate student to support our next big project focused on developing a policy strategy to promote quality infrastructure and jobs statewide.

Project Description: A Legislators Toolkit for Infrastructure Excellence and Jobs in WA

The Infrastructure Excellence and Jobs strategy builds upon relationships and concepts developed during CSI’s bipartisan sustainable infrastructure delegation to Denmark and Sweden, as well as a successful 2017 effort to reform and restore Washington’s Public Works Assistance Account, a revolving loan fund that helps communities finance their critical infrastructure needs.

The idea for this project is to develop an evolving “toolkit”to support a bipartisan group of Washington legislators committed to supporting infrastructure excellence and jobs statewide. The purposes of the document include to:

  1. Align on a shared vision to improve state infrastructure strategy, with three goals for near-term action, to benefit communities of all types, in all parts WA state.
  2. Prioritize a bipartisan set of smart, near-term strategies to advance each goal, targeting measurable results and tangible benefits in communities across the state.

Paid Internship Description

The goals and strategies we pursue will be chosen to advance a set of outcomes that matter to all communities in Washington. Specifically, we are committed to finding bipartisan infrastructure policies that deliver all four of these overarching outcomes together:

  • Locally affordable, reliable energy and water services for every family and business
  • Local economic development and jobs, especially for distressed communities
  • Strong performance gains on key public health, environment, and quality of life priorities
  • More resilient systems that resist breakdown and recover quickly from disasters

The Graduate Research Assistant chosen to support this effort will:

  1. Work with CSI to research the policy “scaffolding” by identifying and characterizing relevant legislation proposed or adopted in past sessions that current efforts can build upon.
  2. Draw upon successful efforts in other states and jurisdictions, both nationally and internationally; research model policies related to economic innovation and career development.
  3. Work with and augment work by legislative staff who have been tasked by supportive legislators with researching and developing legislative concepts.

The student in this position will report to CSI Operations Manager, Terry Carroll and CSI Director, Rhys Roth, but will often work independently from home, TESC, or the Washington State Capitol Campus. In addition to characterizing state and national/international infrastructure policy in a few general areas, the student will be asked to answer specific targeted, policy-related research questions that arise as the overall project proceeds.


REQUIRED: Must be strongly self-motivated and flexible/responsive to evolving research needs. This position requires advanced research, note-taking, and information management skills. Strong
professional communication skills are also highly valued.

DESIRED: Background knowledge or experience working on state or federal policy is strongly encouraged. Interest in sustainable economic development, public works finance, or related fields is

How to Apply

By December 3rd , please send to CSI Operations Manager, Terry Carroll:

  1. Professional resume
  2. Cover letter describing your interest and relevant skills/experience

Email terry@centerforsi.org – And please feel free to call with any questions: 206-941-4799

Learn more about CSI at www.centerforsi.org