African Climate Risks Conference 2019
Dismantling barriers to urgent climate adaptation action

The African Climate Risks Conference 2019 will take place from 7 – 9 October 2019 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

The African Climate Risks Conference (ACRC) is an open platform for sharing the latest research on African climate change and adaptation among researchers, and with policy makers, practitioners, and development partners.

ACRC aims to:

  • Disseminate results and share insights from new and on-going climate science and adaptation research in Africa;
  • Provide a forum to co-identify common priorities in African climate research for development through African-led collective discussions;
  • Contribute to efforts to ensure greater impact and legacy of on-going research programmes by promoting the uptake of new data, tools and knowledge within planning and decision-making processes; and
  • Link researchers and the diversity of other actors important for moving research into policy and practice.

ACRC will be convened under the auspices of the following organizations: WMO-GFCS, WMO-AMCOMET, WCRP, IPCC, UNECA-ACPC, CR4D, WASCAL, SSN and FCFA partner organizations. It will be held alongside the Eighth Climate Change and Development in Africa (CCDA-VIII) conference, with some strategic overlap to leverage synergies in linking research, user, policy, and private sector (further information on 8th Conference on Climate Change and Development in Africa is forthcoming).

Submissions for abstracts, supporting sessions, and exhibitors are open. Deadline for submissions is 28 April 2019

Limited funding is available for participation grants that will cover all travel and subsistence costs for successful applicants. Applications for participation grants opens on 21 May 2019!

ACRC welcomes submissions along the following themes:

  1. Latest research on climate science of Africa
  2. Latest research on the science and projections of future climate change in Africa
  3. Evidence for action: climate change risk analysis
  4. Delivering resilience in the face of climate change uncertainty
  5. Co-production of knowledge between science, business, policy, practice and local communities
  6. Information distillation and communication
  7. Mobilising investment in climate and weather services
  8. Cross-cutting issues: water-energy-food-health nexus

Further information on the African Climate Risks Conference will follow in the coming weeks so please keep up-to-date by following the website, the ACRC2019 twitter account @ACRC2019 or if you have any questions please email