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Webinar: Charging Into the Future – Get Charged Up About Electric Vehicles

Webinar: How Do You Talk to People About Climate Change?

Event: Celebrate Springer 2020 Zoom Event 7/30 7 PM

Conference: EuroSun 2020 online conference

Webinars: Building Electrification and The Big Issue – Transforming Our Transportation, Climate Solutions

Event: Get Into Your Sanctuary, NOAA

Webinar: Reframing the Climate Conversation: Telling the Story to Bring About Productive Climate Action

Virtual Event: Costco Stop the Fires: Distributed Day of Action

Conference: 2020 SACNAS – The National Diversity in STEM Conference (Long Beach, CA)

Webinar: River Restoration with Ground Score

Webinar: Resilience & Transformation—Building an Electricity System to Meet the Demands of Today & Beyond

Webinar: Connected Communities: A Multi-Building Energy Management Approach

Webinars: Climate Forces, Sustainability, and Carbon in New Economy

Webinar: Localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Lessons from South Africa

Webinar: Better Food, Less Carbon in the New Digital Economy

Webinar: Clean and Safe Buildings with Electrification

Online Book Talk: How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change

Webinar: Puget Sound Climate Preparedness Collaborative

Conference: WOHESC 2021, People Planet People – Envisioning Higher Education Sustainability and Resiliency in 2030

Webinar: Not Just Birds, Not Just Science, Not Just Politics

Webinar: Online engagement – Expanding your online presence, Sharing Science

Webinar: 10 Social Marketing Pitfalls in Behavior Change Campaigns

Call for Speakers: Chambers-Clover Creek Watershed Issues Forum – Stormwater

Online Class: Introduction to Kaleidoscope Pro for Birds and Land Animals – Beginner

Online Class: Using Kaleidoscope for Noise Level Analysis – Intermediate

Online Class: Kaleidoscope Pro Cloud and Database – How to Manage your Wildlife Audio Data – Intermediate

Online Class: Properties of Sound – How Bat Detectors Work – Beginner

Online Event: Graduate Programs Virtual Fair, The Evergreen State College

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Webinar: Do I Belong in STEM? Identifying and Succeeding Beyond Impostor Syndrome

Webinar: Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon with 500 Women Scientists

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