Board Members Needed! The Goochy Project is a newly forming nonprofit
organization with a mission to support low-income pet owners in Seattle by
providing free, time-limited, pet care and boarding when owners need to
attend to important issues that require temporary separation from their
furry family members.

We believe that everyone should be able to define their family, whether it
be made up of humans or animal companions. People, regardless of income
and social supports should be able to have non-human family members in
their lives for companionship, support and unconditional love.

We don’t believe that the care of animal companions should be a barrier to
following through on necessary obligations. The Goochy Project will strive
to step in when there is no access to financial or community resources to
assist in the boarding and care of the non-human family members. Having
this resource available will remove a barrier to improving the quality of
life for those who are most vulnerable in our community.

Current Status:

We have 5 dedicated board members and are looking to recruit two more
highly qualified, active and engaged community members with a love for
animals and their humans. We are a working board, creating a new
non-profit to provide a much needed resource to our community.

What We’re Looking For:

Expectations of All Board Members:

Must love animals and most humans

Flexible style

Ability to express needs to the group

Sense of humor

Ability to set aside personal agendas

Meet twice per month with work assigned between meetings

Specific Areas of Expertise:

Social media experience

Experience with publisher or other design software

Fundraising expertise or interest

Accounting or budgeting

Business, either for profit or nonprofit

Organizing groups

Operationalizing ideas

Pass It On and Be in Touch…

Please feel free to pass along this opportunity to others in your network,
we want to spread the word far and wide! If you are interested in working
with us on the board to assist in getting this project off the ground,
please be in touch via email at: visit our
website at or find us on facebook: