ee360 Community EE Fellowship Program

ee360 Launches Fellowship Program

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2020 ee360 Community EE Fellowship Program, NAAEE’s ongoing initiative to support leadership and innovation in environmental education across the country. This fellowship program will create a diverse and inspiring cadre of educators and community leaders working to address environmental issues at the local, state, and national level and deliver real results. The program is a part of ee360, an ambitious five-year effort to promote environmental education and prepare skilled leaders who are actively increasing environmental literacy for everyone.

Each Fellow will use innovative and creative education strategies to design a Community Action Project that helps tackle a specific community environmental issue using the power of education. Projects will emphasize community engagement, sustainability, and resilience. Additionally, each project will address U.S. EPA’s core mission to provide Americans with clean air, land, and water.

Learn more about U.S. EPA’s mission

Learn more about past ee360 Community EE Fellows and their projects

The nine-month fellowship will provide ee360 Community EE Fellows with opportunities to learn, network, and share through face-to-face training, online professional development, and technical assistance. The​ fellowship will also lay a strong foundation for continued professional growth after the program ends.

Benefits of Becoming a Fellow

Each Fellow accepted into the program will receive training and individualized support for their work, including the following:

Professional development and leadership training with a focus on environmental education, effective partnerships, participatory planning strategies, community engagement, leadership, strategic communications, fundraising, project planning, and evaluation

An enhanced professional network of ee360 Community EE Fellows and leaders in environmental education, conservation, community resilience, and other disciplines

Increased access to relevant practices and resources through NAAEE’s professional development opportunities on eePRO

Full financial support to attend the five-day Leadership Institute June 28-July 3, 2020 at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV

$1,200 scholarship to attend the 2020 Annual NAAEE conference October 14-17, 2020 in Tucson, AZ

Technical assistance in planning and implementing a Community EE Action Project

Access to competitive mini-grant funds to implement Community EE Action Project; grants will range from $3,000 for a planning grant to up to $10,000 for a collaboration grant (collaboration grants are two or more Fellows working together to promote a larger-scale effort and professional learning exchange)

Individual and organizational recognition through ee360 and NAAEE

Fellowship Requirements

All participants must commit to the full nine-month fellowship (April 1-Dec 31, 2020) and the following activities:

Take part in all networking and training opportunities throughout the nine-month fellowship

Attend a five-day Leadership Institute at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV June 28-July 3, 2020

Design a Community EE Action Project using an innovative EE strategy that addresses a local, state, or national environmental issue

Complete a Community EE Action Plan to outline strategies the Fellow will use to work with the audience(s) they are planning to reach

Develop a fundraising strategy to raise the support necessary to implement the plan

Reach at least 100 participants through Community EE Action Project

Complete mid-term and final progress reports and other evaluation activities as needed

Attend the 49​th​Annual NAAEE conference in Tucson, AZ. Fellows will participate in a workshop, symposium, or presentation about their experiences as an ee360 Community EE Fellow and how the fellowship contributed to their work as a leader (format TBD)

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants must have the following:

At least 5 years experience in EE, conservation, or community engagement

A partner organization. A partner organization can be an ee360 Partner, NAAEE State Affiliate, or other community or national organization whose goals and practices make a positive contribution to the field of EE. Applicants must submit a letter of support from his/her partner organization, describing how they will work together to design and implement an EE Action Project. Partner organization must also explicitly describe organizational support for Fellow to attend Leadership Institute June 28-July 3, 2020 and NAAEE conference October 14-17, 2020.

A creative idea for an EE Action Project that addresses a local, state, or national environmental issue. The project should demonstrate a new or innovative solution to an environmental problem, including strategies for reaching new audiences, achieving greater impact in addressing community sustainability and resilience issues, or new strategies for developing effective partnerships. Applicants can present current and ongoing projects but must describe how they will use the fellowship to add a new twist or strategy that will make the project more innovative and effective.

Two letters of recommendation. One letter must come from the applicant’s partner organization. The other letter can be from any professional contact familiar with the applicant’s experience in EE, conservation, community engagement, or leadership ability.

How to Apply

We will begin accepting applications in December 2019. All application materials are due February 14, 2020, 11:59pm ET. Applicants will be notified of their status early April 2020.

To download the application and application instructions, please visit:

NAAEE will hold an informational webinar on Monday, November 18, 2019 at 3PM ET. Register for the webinar:

Contact Us

Please contact us at​or 202-419-0412.

About ee360

ee360 is an ambitious five-year strategy to bring innovative leaders in the environmental education field together through leadership clinics, webinars, online modules, professional development workshops, and more to ultimately advance environmental literacy. ee360 is supported through funding from the U.S. EPA, as well as matching funds from the nine partner organizations, which include Project Learning Tree, Stanford University, Antioch University, the University of Oregon, Earth Force, the Center for Diversity and the Environment, the NAAEE Affiliate Network, the Lifelong Learning Group at COSI, and NAAEE. The project is also guided by an expert advisory group representing universities and nonprofits across the country. Together we bring nearly five decades of expertise to our effort to grow, strengthen, and diversify the field of environmental education. Learn more at