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Hiring Preference: The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is an Equal opportunity employer. Consistent with federal law, the Kalispel Tribe of Indians applies Indian preference in employment. It is the policy of the Kalispel Tribe of Indians to give preference in hiring, promotions, and transfers into vacant positions to qualified applicants in the following order: 1) Kalispel Tribal Members; 2) Descendant or Spouse of an enrolled Kalispel Tribal Member; 3) enrolled members of other Indian Tribes; 4) all other applicants. At-Will Employment: Employment with the Kalispel Tribe of Indians is at-will and can be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, either at the option of the employee or the Kalispel Tribe of Indians. Drug Testing: The Kalispel Tribe of Indians is a drug free workplace. All applicants are subject to drug testing at the time of hire and at unannounced times during employment. Background Investigation: All candidates and employees may be subject to a background investigation.

Summary of Functions

The Program Manager is responsible for providing strategic planning and oversight for the Tribal Forestry Program with up to 6 professional and technical staff members and a minimum annual budget of $500,000 dollars.  This position is responsible for developing, directing, evaluating and managing Reservation and off-Reservation forests including NEPA compliance, Cultural clearance, Timber Sale set up, Advertisement and Execution of Contract, Pre-commercial thinning, Planting operations, fuels reduction treatments, and monitoring and evaluation activities.  The Program Manager develops and implements multi-year project plans in support of Tribal goals to provide forestry services for Tribal members and allottees.  This position requires frequent contact and interaction with multiple regional and national level managers in federal, state, county, tribal and other agencies and organizations.  This position provides recommendations to the Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources and Natural Resources Executive Director on negotiations and agreements with external agencies including costs, rates, deliverables, compliance issues and any other contract terms or conditions.  As a key liaison with outside agencies, the Program Manager provides technical analysis and advice to the Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources, the Natural Resources Executive Director, and represents the Tribe in negotiations of complex interagency agreements, cooperative agreements, memorandums of agreements/understanding (MOA/MOU), grants, procurement contracts and various other types of contracted obligations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides key strategic leadership and oversight for high visibility and high impact projects within the Forestry Program. This includes the planning and implementation of the Kalispel Forestry and Fire Management Plans.
  • Oversees and directs the Forestry Program in the protection, management, and enhancement of tribal fish resources within the Reservation and off-Reservation tribal trust and fee lands.
  • Develops and implements a variety of forestry and fire initiatives, programs and measures designed to enhance and sustain the forest health within Kalispel Ceded Lands.
  • Applies for various grant and contract resources and is successful at obtaining funding to meet Program objectives.
  • Serves as a key liaison and negotiator for complex interagency agreements that directly impact the Kalispel Tribe’s forests and forestry interests. Protects Tribal interests while negotiating agreements to preserve, perpetuate and enhance the forestry resources once used by the Tribe.
  • Assesses the political and social impacts of management alternatives on tribal, state, national and international stakeholders.
  • Functions as a Reservation and off-Reservation wide subject matter expert in all matters related to forestry.
  • Provides strategic oversight and daily management of at least a $500,000 annual operating budget. Ensures project expenditures are on track to accomplish program goals within prescribed timelines.
  • Provides direct and indirect supervision for up to 6 geographically dispersed technical, professional and administrative employees who in turn support the Program’s mission.
  • Reviews work products of professional staff to ensure compliance with funding agency requirements. Maximizes utilization of program funds in obtaining Program objectives.  Evaluates the performance of project leaders and other staff based on their accomplishment of goals and objectives.   Follows up on documented issues with project leaders or other natural resources staff.
  • Oversees this program which monitors Wildland Urban Interface Program implementation.
  • Oversee USFS Stewardship Contract implementation.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This position exercises direct and indirect supervision for up to 6 geographically dispersed technical, professional and administrative employees within the Forestry Program.

Work Environment

The work environment for Natural Resources staff is multifaceted. Outdoor conditions make it necessary to be able to work and hike in inclement weather conditions and over variable and rugged terrain. Work could include in water wading or from a boat (e.g. netting, electrofishing) and other on-water work.  Potential exists for interactions with wild animals, bees, and other natural hazards.   Indoor work can require long periods of sedentary work interfacing with others in meetings or completing reporting or data entry at a computer station. Work may also require specific specialized equipment operation (i.e., snow machines, tractors, etc…), regional travel, and overnight stays.




Communication Skills

Organizational Skills

Problem solving



High School or better in High School/General Educa.



•A Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, or related field OR A Master’s degree in the applicable science will substitute for 2 years of the required professional experience OR A Ph.D. in the applicable science will substitute for 4 years of the required professional experience.

•10 years of professional experience in forest management, plant ecology, or entomology and/or research. At least 5 years’ experience in lead or supervisory roles.

•Demonstrated ability to plan and carry out complex tasks to completion while working independently or as a member of a project or interdisciplinary team. Qualifying background must include specific experience in managing large, high budget, high visibility forestry programs and projects in a multi-agency, multi-cultural environment.

•Strong collaborative and diplomatic skills. Ability to build long-term positive working relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders and coworkers including the Kalispel Business Council, other program managers, department managers, departmental employees, tribal members, funding agency representatives, regulatory agency representatives and other government and tribal entities.

•Must have knowledge of the legal concept of Tribal sovereignty and the interplay of Tribal sovereignty with state and federal natural resource laws, regulations and administrative actions.

•Must have knowledge of Kalispel Tribal heritage and culture and the significance of forestry resources to tribal members.

•Must have knowledge of Indian law concerning forestry and land resources.

•Must have the ability to work effectively and move projects forward in an intensely bureaucratic inter-governmental and inter-agency environment with multiple entities asserting their authority to control and manage the same limited resources.

•Must have a working knowledge of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) forestry and fire management issues, especially regarding the Reservation and Tribal membership allotments.

•Expert level knowledge and significant experience working with the TAMMS program. Knowledge must include principles of forestry management within the BIA guidelines and operations in forestry and fire related standards.

•Knowledge of the development of forestry and fire management practices, including timber contract administration, timber permitting, silviculture, forest stand management, forest health, monitoring and other related topics.

•Knowledge of biological research methods including; experiment design, biological data collection, data analysis and interpretation, presentation, statistical and research theory and techniques, and forest stand measurement techniques

•Knowledge of Wildland Urban Interface and National Fire Program Operation Reporting System (NFPORS).

•Ability to develop methods of data collection, interpret data and analyze environmental information to apply solutions, guidelines and policy to field problems.

•Must be in good physical condition to be able to work and hike in inclement weather conditions and over variable and rugged terrain.

•Must be able to work variable hours, long days, early mornings, holidays, and weekends as the work dictates.

•Must be able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

•This position has been identified as a Safety Sensitive Position. Pursuant to Kalispel Tribe policies, this position is subject to pre-employment, post-accident and random drug testing.

•Must have possession of a valid State Drivers License. In addition, employee must be eligible for coverage and insurable under the Tribe’s insurance policy.

•Must be available for regional, national, and international travel.

•Must be qualified as at least a wildland fire fighter 2 and be able to complete annual pack test for fire.

•This position requires the ability to bend, stoop, lift, carry, and move items weighting up to 50 pounds.

Licenses & Certifications


Tribal Work Permit II