Location: Remote
Job Term: Fellowship
Duration: Part-Time, 9 months
Compensation: Modest Fixed Stipend, Top Hourly Rate

As a Bound International Sustainability Fellow, you will help develop a critical product and service to higher education.  You will work independently, but with guidance, and at an advanced level.  You may have the opportunity to propose additional research projects that are of benefit to Bound International and the higher education field.  You will also gain professional experience working for a small business and have access to select professional development opportunities.


  • Environmental Impact Reports.  The Fellow will research, craft and test (with select audiences) customized institutional and individual Environmental Impact Reports based on international higher education travel.
  • Carbon Calculation.  The Fellow will create and/or identify a viable climate impact “calculator” resulting primarily from international travel that is both scientifically and socially informed for use clients.
  • Sustainable Business Tracking.  The Fellow will research best practices by businesses and organizations worldwide in “going green” or making their operations and/or services more sustainable.
  • Environmental Education.  The Fellow, working in coordination with the President & Founder and other Fellows, will recommend and/or design lesson plans or training in environmental education to compliment international learning initiatives.
  • Climate Justice.  The Fellow will research and/or provide expertise in Climate Justice (a.k.a. Environmental Justice) initiatives and recommending action for education, advocacy and partnership.
  • Self-Reporting.  The Fellow will help design an environmental impact self-reporting tool to be used by independent travelers.
  • OPTION: Create Your Own Project


  • Ability to recognize, analyze and interpret scientific data pertaining to climate change
  • Systems-level understanding of sustainable standards and practices
  • Knowledge of business structures and financial models associated with advancing sustainability including fundraising, carbon offsets, carbon credits, government contracts, regulations
  • Strong familiarity with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Skill in identifying current and emerging sustainable and green projects, organizations and community efforts anywhere in the world
  • Ability to assess and determine legitimate sustainability and green ventures in business and offsetting measures
  • Strong organizational and project management skills
  • Ability and high level interest in contributing to crafting organizational and content strategy for a startup business
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to translate and transcribe sustainability data and principles to academic and non-academic audiences
  • Familiarity with various carbon footprint calculators, the methodologies and best practices associated with forecasting, gathering and disclosing impact data
  • Familiarity with the specific impact of air, ship, train and bus travel on climate
  • Understanding of, or willingness to learn, the intersection of local, cultural, city, state/province and national agencies in measuring and crafting policy around sustainable community practices
  • Understanding of, or willingness to expand knowledge in, the impact of climate change on human demographics and communities (Environmental and Climate Justice)
  • Assist Bound International with developing its own business sustainability plan
  • Ability to work remotely while maintaining enthusiasm, being comfortable with technology, demonstrating professionalism and maintaining flexibility with colleagues and clients
  • Full dedication to the completion of the Fellowship
  • Uses high discretion and possesses a high degree of confidentiality
  • International travel experience
  • Willing to undergo an intercultural assessment for professional development and internal research
  • English proficiency

A Plus, but not required

  • Experience studying or living abroad
  • Teaching experience
  • Business degree, certification or training
  • Experience with sustainability initiatives in higher education


  • Bachelors degree in natural sciences, physical sciences, public health, environmental science, sustainability, environmental engineering or a related field
  • Certificates, licenses or awards in a related field

Deadline to Apply: August 15th

To apply, email karen[at]bound-intl.com with resume, letter of interest and 2 professional references.  References should include current name, title, email address, phone number and relationship to the applicant.