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We LOVE our Alumni!

The Evergreen MPA is only as strong as our alumni and, luckily for us, we are delighting in the successes of our talented graduates.

Here are some connections to employment:


Keep track of this page as we congratulate and cheer on our hard working MPA alum cohorts.

Congratulations to….

Lars Andreassen

Lars, a 2014 MPA graduate, recently accepted a promotion to Agency Budget Manager of the Department of Ecology.  Lars has worked for the agency since 2006, pursuing his career goal with a MPA degree and lots of excellent, hard work.

Cecelia Loveless

Recent MPA graduate, Cecelia was named as St. Martin University’s new vice president to institutional advancement.  This is an impressive achievement and the MPA program is proud to have been a small part of her journey!

Kathy Hoffman

Kathy recently dropped a note to MPA faculty stating, “I have exciting news. I have been offered the policy analyst position that I really, really wanted at Department of Health! Thank you for all of your guidance. This outcome was the reason I started the MPA program. Thank you!”  What great news for Kathy and the MPA program.

Amber Siefer

Amber has been working on an innovative project to redesign how we account for success and growth in Washington State.  Working alongside the Governor’s team at Commerce, Amber is creating a more equitable way to measure GNP with a system known as Genuine Progress Indicator, GPI.  To learn more about this fantastic new way to measure ourselves, visit here and see how social equity comes into play!

Alicia LeDuc class of 2011

In Alicia’s personal statement she recalls her 11 year old self writing, “Ten years from now, I’ll be driving a truck and working on my grandpa’s farm,”.  She goes on to state how incredible it would  seem to her fifth grade self to know that her future would include interviewing massacre survivors in Guatemala, living in East Africa in the world’s largest Benedictine convent, and implementing endangered species rearing programs in prisons. She states that growing up in rural Lewis County, Washington, her family of loggers, farmers, and small business owners provided her with a Catholic education and community values. She states, “they instilled in me the belief that I would graduate from college, though most of them had not, and use my experiences to help lead the community.  I’ve taken this teaching to heart, and rather than back to the farm, the path is leading me to law school”.  We congratulate Alicia on her many successes and we wish her well in her acceptance to Willamette Law School!

Kendra Aguilar class of 2012

Kendra, also an RBCD graduate, is part of the first ever cohort of U.S. Tribal students to pursue their Doctorate in Indigenous Development and Advancement (IDA) through Te Whare Wananga O Awanuiarangi, an Indigenous-Maori University based in New Zealand. The cohort is led by Alan Parker, Evergreen’s Co-founding faculty of the Tribal MPA program. While studying she has continued to work as an Independent Consultant on community building projects involving local nonprofits, Tribes, and City & County agencies. She is also the Co-Founder of a Native organization, One Totem, and donates her talents as the Assistant Director of Seattle Women In Jazz.

Scott Decker class of 2008

Scott Recently accepted a position with Oregon Health and Science University as their Project Management lead.  Scott will be working on positively changing people’s lives by influencing medical public policy.  Way to put the MPA mission to work Scott and congrats on this new career move!

Jessica Hopper class of 2013

Jessica recently accepted a new position with the GRAVITY program through ESD 113, Capitol region.  Jessica will be the Program Coordinator and lead in creating, managing and overseeing support services offered to students.  Jessica has proved herself to be a compassionate and hardworking leader.  Her attention to detail and ability to see the broad picture will serve her well in this position.  Maybe she can get the students to join her in some roller durby too!

Kirsten York class of 2011

Kirsten works for Community Action Council of Lewis, Mason and Thurston Counties, a 501(c)3 private nonprofit that serves low-income families.  Kirsten began at this organization in 2008 after changing industries from a private, “status oriented” job with little community benefit.  She wanted a career serving the community in some way.  Starting as a Program Assistant,  then working as an Energy Assistance intake staff person, Kirsten became the Energy Assistance Program Coordinator, just as she was beginning the MPA program in 2009. Kirsten stated that the MPA provided her with incredible opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and abilities that assisted in everyday work life and beyond.   Now as of January 2013 she was promoted to the Council’s Chief Operating Officer and is in charge of Operations for the entire organization.  Kirsten’s MPA gave her the confidence to be successful in this demanding position.

Rachel McAuley class of 2013

Rachel wowed her cohort along with capstone partner,Sarah Morris (now in law school in New Orleans), in their presentation of how to regulate marijuana in the state of Washington.  Rachel and Sarah’s research was so captivating and thorough that she landed a job with the Washington State Liquor Control Board as a Licensing Investigator, level 3.  Way to go Rachel, you are a model of MPA success!

Jenny Serpa class of 2012

Jenny  is joining the MPA program at Evergreen this year as an adjunct faculty. Jenny recently graduated from the MPA program with a Tribal Governance Concentration in 2012, and is returning to teach Tribal Analytical Techniques for Public Service I and II.  Jenny taught on the Evergreen Campus for the Res-based program as well.  Go faculty and go alumni!!! She is also the founder of Hawkheart Consulting LLC, a company which offers non-profit start up assistance, non-profit administrative services, and grant writing services for Tribes and non-profits.

Byron Mukai class of 2013

Byron recently took a job with the Labor Market and Performance Analysis Division of Employment Security as an analyst.  He is specifically involved as an Administrative operations and assistant ITBD (Internet Technology and Business Division) liaison, a role that allows Byron to use many of the various skills and abilities that he has acquired through his education and life path.  Byron’s personable style and attention to detail must have been noted by his prospective employers as well as his cohort-way to go landing a great career position!

Casey Kilduff class of 2013

Casey has flown up the ladder in her post MPA career at Strategic Consulting Services.  She is now in Quality Assurance and Program Development as the lead for their Aptitude and Interest Test Administration Department.  Those fortunate to have had seminar with Casey know that she will be an asset to this organization with her creative and well thought out planning abilities.

Diana Peck class of 2013

Diana’s compassionate nature and skills in organization helped her to find non- profit work as a Sexual Assault Specialist at the Human Response Network.  Diana’s successful capstone with the Free Clinic in Olympia left no doubt that she will be a great asset to this organization.

Troy Chapman class of 2013

Troy’s path led him to Seattle where he is currently working as the Membership and Communications Development Manager with the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research.  Troy explored leadership during his MPA career and is now putting that knowledge to practice as a manager.  Great work Troy!

Allison Drake class of 2013

Allison was great at asking questions, wondering why and looking deeply at issues.  It is no surprise that she landed a job at Labor and Industries in their Fraud Prevention and Labor Standards Division.  We are all glad that Allison’s got our back!

Pamela Garland class of 2013

Evergreen was happy to promote one of their own when officer Pamela and MPA grad was promoted to Sergeant at the Evergreen State College.  Pamela’s concern for the right thing and her drive to help others makes her a perfect fit for the position.  Well done Sergeant.

Kara Hefley class of 2012

Kara was recently awarded a position at the University of Washington as the Director of Advancement for Arts and Humanities. It is a management and leadership position that oversees advancement work for a variety of arts and humanities efforts at the UW, including the Henry Art Gallery, Meany Hall for Performing Arts, the Burke Museum and all music, arts and humanities programs.  Excellent news for UW and Kara!

Caitlin  White class of 2013

Caitlin was recently promoted at the Pierce County YWCA to a manager for their Volunteer and Resources division.  Cailtin’s devotion to clients and their services was an admirable theme in her time spent at Evergreen.  That devotion and hard work has benefited the Pierce County YWCA community!

David Faro class of 2013

David is the Communications and Marketing manager for the Washington Restaurant Association.  Still working with hi tech storytelling methods and video solutions that bridge the gap between the tangible value of the association and membership awareness.  David works closely with the Government Affairs team to shed light for legislators on the political issues that affect small business growth in the state.

Christi Johnson class of 2013

For some folks, the MPA journey leads them deeper into their own field or it can help people realize a new practice within their field.  That is what happened for Christi.  In working on her capstone, she realized that she had a love of data and research.  Christi has since changed her position to accept a job at DHSH as a research analyst.  Way to move into a new passion Christi.  Now Matt, Butch and YOU would get the mug!


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