MPA Alumni Association: SAVE THESE DATES

MPA Alumni Association would like you to save these dates:

Saturday, August 13th 2016

Purpose: Social event to identify leaders and increase attendance at the September meeting.Potluck at Woodland Creek Park, 6729 Pacific Avenue SE, Lacey, WA. 98503 from 3-6pm.

Thursday, September 1st 2016

Purpose: 1st Formal Leadership Meeting

Confirmed guests: MPA Program Director Doreen Swetkis and President George Bridges

Time: 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Location: TESC, room: Sem 2 E2109

Saturday, October 15th 2016

Purpose: participate in Return to Evergreen to raise awareness of the MPAAA, begin to cultivate MPA donors, and promote inter-cohort networking

Time: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Location: TESC, room: TBD

Rebecca Orbeck Wins Lean Fellowship

Rebecca Orbeck (PNAPP class of 2016) just won the Lean Fellowship!

Results Washington, part of the governor’s office, offers a state Lean fellowship program (PDF) through which state employees spend one-year terms deepening their understanding of Lean principles and tools.

The fellows, all of whom are state employees:

  • help lead targeted improvement efforts
  • working directly with agency directors and staff at all levels
  • learn from public- and private-sector Lean consultants
  • work closely with Results Washington senior performance advisors

These fellowships are exciting opportunities for excellent employees to develop their Lean skill sets, hone those skills in a wide variety of settings and help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing state government.

In Memory of Orlando

Rigour on National Coming Out Day, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1996

I’ve been pacing
The circumference
Of my classroom
For weeks
About story,
About the fictive
And dare
And rubbing
My hands
With broken
Sticks of chalk,
Preparing them
To grip
Some thought
Like a high bar.
Caked white,
My hands
Can’t unveil
Their desires
For certain
So I smack
My hands
The board
My prints
That include
Of other
They replace
The words
They could write
Like the chalk
Of the corpse
Replaces the body,
And I remember
My back
The blacktop
After school
And her insisting
Lie still.
Don’t move,
As she ran
The new stick
Of stolen chalk
My edges,
Her fingers
Against me
As I became
One long,
She extended
Her hands
And pulled me
From the second
Can I draw
Some clothes?
I asked
Peering over
No, she said,
You’ll make
A mistake,
And I don’t want
To trace you again.
But the fact is
She did. Today
After class
I avoid the hate
Under each step
I take on
The campus sidewalk.
Next to those words,
The chalk
Outlines of bodies
The world
Wants to negate.

Sandra Yannone, with gratitude to the editors of
The Untidy Season: An Anthology of Nebraska Women Poets,
The Backwaters Press, Omaha, NE (2013)

Commencement Ceremony Follows MPA Hooding

  • The Commencement Ceremony begins at 1 pm in Red Square. Graduates from all three programs (MPA, MES and MiT) and undergraduates will line up to form a procession and be seated. They are then called to receive their diploma.
  • Because of campus construction, the procession and line up is in a different place this year.
  • To line up for the Commencement ceremony, by 12:30 you’ll need to make your way to the back side of Seminar 2 Bldg “A”, between A and the CAB building. See the attached photo for a suggested route. Allow 10 minutes to get there.

Map of the Commencement seating and processional:


MPA procession route

Three “Generations” of MPA at the Serving Those Who Served Conference

 Three “generations” of MPA at the excellent “Serving Those Who Served” conference in Yakima on 5/25-26: Andrea Coker-Anderson (MPA 2007, Registrar at UW Tacoma), Rafael Lozano (MPA 2011, Veterans Services Program Mgr, WA Dept of Veterans Affairs) and Jason Alves (MPA candidate 2016, VetCorps Program Mgr, WDVA). Andrea got Rafael interested in MPA when they worked together at Evergreen, and then after Rafael moved to WDVA, Rafael got Jason interested. Our students and alums are the best recruiters!
MPA Evergreen State College's photo.


Introducing MPA’s 3rd New Faculty member, joining the Program in Fall 2017: Cali Mortenson Ellis!

Cali Mortenson Ellis recently received her PhD in Public Policy and Political Science from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. She has a BA in economics from Bates College and a MPP from the University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. Cali previously worked in the Homeland Security Directorate of the Michigan National Guard, the Michigan Governor’s Office, and the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.  She is an author of Why Leaders Fight (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and has published in the Journal of Applied Security Research (2008), PS: Political Science & Politics (2012, 2014), Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (2013), International Interactions (2015), Enterprise Development and Microfinance (2015), and Michigan War Studies Review (2013, 2014, 2015). In 2016, Cali will be at the University of Southern California Center for International Studies as a Hayward R. Alker Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate, and will join the faculty of Evergreen in the MPA Program Fall of 2017.