Keep Calm and Game On

Dealing with Toxic Gamers


With so many multiplayer games out there today, it can be frustrating when you feel like a gaming community or the other players are what dictate whether or not you have a good time. The enjoyment of having a good game outweighs the frustration, disappointment, and frequent verbal abuse that go along with losing often. But when do you draw the line? And where?

Be it flaming, raging, trolling, or blaming, team members seem to always know what buttons to press to push people over the edge and spread a negative attitude. While MOBA games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, like DotA 2, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, etc.) are currently famous for their rage-quit-prone, immature gaming communities, that doesn’t have to mean it’s time to put the headset down and uninstall.

So what can do you if your League of Legends team is raging? You’re just one summoner in a sea of over 12 millions players that log on every day. But there are steps you can take to move the games that you love in the direction you want them to move. While you might not be able to stop toxic players from continuing to play and troll entirely, you can still work towards making sure they get temporary, and even permanent, bans on their accounts and play in a way that encourages teamwork, a higher quality of sportsmanship, and self-accountability.

It’s easy to be a grumpy gamer, and immature gaming communities only make matters worse.

What to do if your team isn’t cooperating?:

  • Keep a cool head, there’s nothing worse than a team full of ragers and quitters. Stay calm and remind yourself that it’s just a game. Unlike Dyrus or Hit0mi, your rent doesn’t rely on your ability to play the game. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy your game.
  • Realize when you could make a comeback. Though it’s not always possible to make a turnaround, giving up is the fastest way to lose any game. A few well-planned team fights or strategies can end up flipping the game in your favor. Even if you think the game is lost, playing poorly and throwing even more will never help.
  • If your team is frustrated and just playing poorly, show your teammates support and remind them that it’s a game and they’re playing just fine. Everyone has bad games and streaks, but staying positive and asking that people only try their best is all anyone can ask.
  • Kindly ask that your team or members who are raging be as nice to teammates as they can. Even if they’re having a bad game or have opinions about player’s capabilities, that is no reason to ruin something enjoyable for everyone. Try your best to encourage a more harmonious team by defending players being verbally abused without getting defensive yourself.
  • If worst comes to worst, many games offer a banning feature. While it may seem like the least cooperative approach to toxic players, reporting toxic players or those who promote poor behavior can be the most beneficial to yourself and the game you love. Not only does it help some players feel less enraged because they feel that they have helped, but it helps the game’s company weed out players they do not want playing.


What can you do to keep your own attitude positive?

  • Know why you play the game. If it’s to win, you may want to reconsider most games because the queues and ranking systems are typically designed to keep your win rate as close to 50% as possible. Think about why you chose to play this game and what you want from it, be it entertainment, a new skill set, or a new social circle. Whatever your motivations for playing are, other people’s playing should factor in very little. When times are tough, try to focus on your own goals and what you like about the game.
  • Remember that games queue you with players of similar skill, so even if you might feel like the most fed and skilled player, there is still a good reason why you are being matched with these teams.
  • Focus on what you want to work on if you feel the game is totally lost. If it’s too early to surrender or you don’t have the option to, just work on a skill in game that you are lacking in.
  • Sometimes teammates are the more corrosive when trying to stay positive. Muting players who are flaming or raging can help you stay sane and calm in game. Sometimes muting players, even your friends, is helpful. Anything it takes to keep yourself calm and relaxed to enjoy what you’re doing as much as possible.
  • Take into consideration that this may not be the game for you. Though it can be a hard thing to realize, sometimes certain activities can be just too toxic for certain people. If you’re thinking about leaving a game, that is entirely your choice. You can always reinstall and try again if you feel like it down the road.



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