Keep Calm and Game On

  With so many multiplayer games out there today, it can be frustrating when you feel like a gaming community or the other players are what dictate whether or not you have a good time. The enjoyment of having a good game outweighs the frustration, disappointment, and frequent verbal abuse that go along with losing often. But when do you … Continued

Install Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

Dual booting is an excellent way one can make a computer capable of doing more. While many programs have adapted and are available for more than one operating system, there are still a great deal of limitations facing a computer running only Mac OS X. Luckily, there is also a fairly simple way to install Windows on your Apple computer … Continued

Dual Booting: One Mac to Rule Them All?

Having a computer is a wonderful privilege, but one of the most frustrating parts of tech ownership can be software incompatibility. Whether you run Mac, Windows, or Linux on your computer, you are bound to run into a compatibility roadblock at some point. According to Myce, 27% of computer-owning college students owned a Mac in 2010, and while this number … Continued

Valve and Xi3′s Piston: the New Face of Gaming

Valve at the Consumer Electronics Show during the first week of January, Valve and Xi3 revealed a prototype for what they hope will be the new face of gaming: code-name “Piston.” What the Piston project seeks to do is combine a few popular platforms for gaming into one tiny and powerful console, making gaming more centralized and adaptable. Fitting into … Continued

Photoshop: Basic Editing

Adobe Photoshop is a terrific tool for enhancing images. Whether you’re editing an old, sun-bleached photo from the 70’s or making snow day pictures look less blue, Photoshop has a few simple and easy tools to help. Unfortunately some photos are too low of quality to begin with and can’t be helped as much as we’d like. For example, some images are either too dark or too light, and there isn’t any detail to be enhanced; this tutorial might not help with these types of photos. Here are a few basic tools and tricks, though, to help you make your pictures all that they can be!

Moving Your WordPress

A few months after graduation, students lose access to their my.evergreen information. Former Student accounts can be requested, but even then you lose access to a lot of tools offered to current students. One of those tools is blogs.evergreen. Blogs.evergreen gives students a domain and account with which to make WordPress-based blogs or websites. Some students are asked to create … Continued

Photoshop: Removing the Background

Cropping out a background isn’t as hard as it used to be. With Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 installed on all of the computers in the Academic Computing Center, taking a background out of a picture is faster and easier than ever. This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s tools to efficiently remove a picture’s background. Open up Adobe Photoshop … Continued

Tutorial: InDesign Posters

Adobe InDesign can be a daunting and complicated application. This tutorial will show how to make a simple, one-sided poster and explain the basics of image resizing and placement, working with text, and using layers. Adobe InDesign can be found on all of the Apple and Windows machines in the Academic Computing Center. Step One: Ready? Go! Open the program … Continued

Intellectual Property and The Patent Troll

Patents are something that the majority of Americans aren’t too familiar with. While they run our daily lives, and we interact with the fruits of their labor on an almost constant basis, the average person hasn’t been exposed to what it means to protect “intellectual property,” and how that affects the world’s market.

The Progression of Prosthetics

Prosthesis (from the Ancient Greek prósthesis meaning “addition,” “application,” or “attachment”) is the practice of creating an artificial limb or body part and integrating it in a fairly permanent way. Prosthetic limbs have been used by mankind for over 3,000 years as a solution to amputation, deformed limbs or body parts from birth, or a number of other physical limitations. … Continued