About the Evergreen Teaching Gardens

Welcome to the Evergreen Teaching Gardens: public spaces created to support sustainability initiatives in the South Puget Sound region. Since 1995, The Evergreen State College has been creating teaching gardens to foster environmental and cultural education. Through these gardens we have committed to:

  • use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • use non-invasive species with an emphasis on natives
  • reduce lawns and existing invasive plantings
  • use post-consumer recycled materials when possible
  • foster cross-cultural understanding especially with regard to First Peoples

Students at The Evergreen State College designed and installed many of the gardens. Interpretive panels and plant identification labels help support your learning in these public spaces. This site provides resources for your visit.

We invite you to explore the Teaching Gardens and learn about native garden plants, lawn reduction, socially and environmentally sustainable garden design, wildlife habitat creation, xeriscaping, edible landscaping, organic gardening, and more.