Post-Glacial Forest

The Post Glacial forest is a recreation of the vegetation that occurred in the region as the Vashon glacier receded from its Olympia terminus. The plant palette is based on palynology data from pollen core samples taken from wetlands in the Puget Sound area. The late glacial period samples from which the plant palette was primarily derived range in age from 13,500 to 11,400 years old.

Some artistic license was taken given design and availability limitations. Thus the result is to some degree a historical fiction. However, the Post Glacial Forest does contain species known from the pollen record by 8,000 years ago.

During construction of Seminar Building II, the construction company saved erratic boulders left on site by the last retreating glacier. Additional erratics were brought in to complete the landscape as designed.

Lodgepole pine dominate with a small grove of aspen. Sedges dominate the understory.

How to get to the garden:

This garden can be found along the ramp leading down from the east side of Red Square, continues past the Sem II Cafe, and ends at the interpretive panel near the Communications Building.


Link to list of species found in the garden