CMS Upgrade

We’ve upgraded the CMS this week as part of our work towards a more responsive website. CMS users will notice a few changes, which we’ve tried to outline here. As always, if you run into any issues or have problems, let us know.

Your new dashboard

You no longer have a “Starting Page” when you log in. Instead, you have a dashboard with tools for managing and creating content.


The new site header

The site header, which was looking strange for a bit, now looks much as it does on the main site.



Cascade now auto-saves drafts while you work. To be honest, we’re not entirely sure how this works, since we haven’t worked with it yet. Just submit & publish as usual, and let us know if something weird happens.


Now that this upgrade is done, we can start moving on converting sections of the website to the new responsive templates. Keep an eye out for more info on that!

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