To be your own hero means to first imagine your future, then take action to manifest it. If you cannot envision the future, you will be living in a version of it that has been designed by some other person or entity.

There is a fundamental disconnection between the capability of technology and the reality of the land. The “noosphere” roughly translates to sphere of thought (from the Greek root nous thought and sephaira sphere) or collective consciousness. This project focused on social media as the emerging human-made manifestation of this as a network – an active and growing global brain. The aim of this academic work is to find a way to improve the noosphere in some way.  To begin to use this virtual noosphere consciously, this project attempts to enable an approach to it with a broad understanding of the communications framework it has been built upon.

For a comprehensive overview of the project, take a few minutes to review the following YouTube presentation.

Project Overview

This is a project with multiple parts and a chronological flow.


Each part has a tool related to the information shared, designed to help you begin to use social media networks with a broadened understanding and clear intent.

These can be accessed moving from left to right along the pages tab above, or via this menu:

A Brief History

Psychology and Communications

South Park’s Hero’s Path

Mythological Life

Your Adventure

Network Patterns

It’s best to start with the goals tool. This exercise will help you begin to insulate your focus around your self-determined direction, your authentic interests. Social media networks and internet communications can be highly distracting. We are moving from the Age of Industry to the Age of Information. Developing a strong focus will help  to guide your way.

This is a brainstorm activity, for what are torrents of ideas but the gathered concentrations of thoughts and information awaiting condensation before they either rain down, strike like lightning, or drift gently like snowflakes, each unique? Once arranged for examination, you can move to prioritize them based on the order by which you can most effectively achieve them, creating a map, your unique path to adventure.




Noosphere Ice Bucket Challenge referenced in the Overview: