That Time When Matt Groening Was On Portlandia

The Peabody Award winning satirical sketch comedy show, Portlandia, finished up its fifth season just a couple weeks ago. Episode 43 in the latest season was particularly notable for Evergreen.
The episode, titled “Fashion”, which aired on February 12, 2015, featured a guest star a few of us may know: Matt Groening ’77. Of course, Carrie Brownstein ’98 is one of the show’s two stars, and a co-creator, so for those of you who already watch the show this is just a fun blast to the past. But in this episode, jump straight to 19:15 (the scene starts at 18:25) to hear a mention of Matt Groening going to “Evergreen State”. Then, watch the whole episode, in which one of Fred Armisen’s characters, Spyke, faces trial for making unlicensed Bart Simpson merchandise.

Original Portland Timber Player and food pod pioneer Roger Goldingay ’73 looks back on 40 years

Roger Goldingay. Photo Credit: Doug Beghtel/The Oregonian

Roger Goldingay. Photo Credit: Doug Beghtel/The Oregonian

The Oregonian interviewed Roger Goldingay ’73, an original player for the Portland Timbers professional soccer team and revered Portland food pod pioneer, for their March 19 issue. Read the interview, during which they discuss the Evergreen graduate’s decision to come to Portland, his friendship with Bill Walton and the growth of soccer in the Pacific Northwest.

Roger Goldingay has been featured in the Evergreen Magazine, for the spring 2011 issue, in an article titled “The Patron of Curbside Cuisine”, and is a member of the Evergreen Author’s Directory for his book “Never Look Back”.

We can be grateful he did look back, at least this one time, for the forty year anniversary of The Portland Timbers. A lot has changed in forty years: in Portland, for Evergreen, for professional soccer and for Roger Goldingay.

Gallery Fotoland at Evergreen presents Nichole DeMent ’02, “Oracle”

Nichole DeMent’s process starts with printing a photograph onto Japanese rice paper, which is then infused with beeswax. She further transforms the piece by collaging and painting over it, creating a multi textured, delicately transparent “visceral topography” as she puts it. “By taking risks with paint, wax, and other media,” DeMent says, she allows her “creative subconscious the freedom to play, dream and inevitably teach me about my own human story.”

Nichole DeMent: Oracle

Nichole DeMent: Oracle

Beginning April 8 and running through May 15, DeMent’s “Oracle” series will be on display in Photoland‘s exhibition space, on the first floor of the Daniel J. Evan’s Library at The Evergreen State College.

DeMent received her B.A. from The Evergreen State College in 2002 with an emphasis in Fine Art Photography and Art History. Her work can be found at SAM Gallery and Waterworks Gallery in the San Juan Islands. She works currently as the Executive Director for Center of Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Seattle.

New exhibit at Evergreen Gallery honors recently retired Susan Aurand and Lucia Harrison

An opening reception on April 2, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Evergreen Gallery, honors artists and long faculty members Susan Aurand and Lucia Harrison. The exhibit, titled “Nature: Observation, Metaphor, Transformation”, celebrates “Four Decades of Art” by the two influential teachers.  The exhibit will run until May May 6.

From the Evergreen Gallery:

The Diver 1, Susan Aurand

The Diver 1, Susan Aurand

“The art of both artists parallels the changing environments in their personal and professional lives. Susan and Lucia have highly developed observational skills that they began developing at an early age, in very different environments. At Evergreen, when they taught interdisciplinary programs with scientists, they helped others hone these skills, while continuing to build their own.

Susan grew up in the Midwest where her relationship with nature was confined to mostly housing developments. Wild nature roamed in her imagination. Initially Susan concentrated on ceramics, and sculptural elements continue to be important in her artworks. When she came to teach at Evergreen, she gravitated toward two-dimensional art. Her work in drawing, painting and assemblages reflects her interests in mythology and metaphor and her passion for the ever-changing quality of light and color in nature.

Beneath the Forest Floor II, Lucia Harrison

Beneath the Forest Floor II, Lucia Harrison

Lucia grew up on Cooper Point in Olympia roaming the forests and shores of Puget Sound. Trained as an artist and social scientist, Lucia developed an interest in qualitative research methods, ethnography, and environmental education. While teaching with scientists, she developed a practice of field journaling as inspiration for her paintings, drawings, and artist books. These works reflect her observations of nature and the inspiration she finds there. As nature inspires her, so too her artworks inspire viewers to deepen their own interest in the natural and cultural history of South Puget Sound.”

Candyce Lund Bollinger ’87, Parent Educator

Candyce Lund Bollinger Head Shot

Candyce Lund Bollinger ’87. Photo: Michaela Winkley

Author’s note: Candyce Lund Bollinger has conducted three interactive workshops for the Evergreen parent and child caregiver community, with four more scheduled, during the 2014-2015 academic year. Following Bollinger’s third workshop on January 9th, we sat down for an interview.

Candyce Lund Bollinger ‘87, well-known for her work in the Olympia parenting and education communities, is a parent educator at South Puget Sound Community College and in private practice. Continue reading

Alumni to return for Sean-nós NW Festival

Almost 25 years ago, Sean Williams came to The Evergreen State College to teach ethnomusicology, and soon after launched an Irish Studies program that’s drawn students and alumni to campus ever since. Taught once every three years, the year-long program was started in 1994 by Williams and the late Patrick Hill. Over the years, Williams taught the program with Hill, Charles Teske, Rebecca Chamberlain and Tom Rainey. Over the past decade or so, Williams has taught the program by herself. “There are 25 spots available in the class, and four times as many typically write admittance essays,” Williams says of the process to enroll. With the popularity and uniqueness of the program, eight years ago Williams started the annual Sean-nós Northwest Festival, and this President’s day weekend it returns to Evergreen. Close to 100 Evergreen Irish Studies alumni and devotees are expected to attend the three-day festival from across North America. Continue reading

Greeners Carrie Brownstein ’98 and Corin Tucker ’94 Reunite to Release Album

Left to right: drummer Janet Weiss, singer-guitarist Corin Tucker, singer-guitarist Carrie Brownstein.

Left to right: drummer Janet Weiss, singer-guitarist Corin Tucker, singer-guitarist Carrie Brownstein. Brigitte Sire/Courtesy of the artist to NPR

Sleater-Kinney was formed in early 1994, while Carrie Brownstein ’98 and Corin Tucker ’94 were students at The Evergreen State College. The band’s new album, its first since 2005, is No Cities to Love. The band has announced a 2015 tour covering North America and western Europe.

Enjoy coverage by NPR.

Greener Scientists: Vinson Doyle ’04

Vinson Doyle ’04 recalls exactly when he realized he was going to be a Mycologist. Until winter 2004, just two quarters before graduation, Doyle had studied Botany and Organic Chemistry, but Fungal Kingdom was the “class that changed my life”. Doyle went on to earn a Ph.D at the City University of New York (CUNY) in 2012, and is already on a tenure track at Louisiana State University as an Assistant Professor of Mycology with a research emphasis on the biodiversity of fungi. Continue reading

Alumni turn out for December event in Seattle

Greeners gather in Seattle on December 10th

Greeners gather in Seattle on December 10th

On December 10th, 2014, winds projected up to 60 miles per hour didn’t stop 24 Greeners from turning out to The Ballard Loft in Seattle. The event, which was hosted by the upstart Alumni Circle in Seattle, was attended by Greeners from the ’70s and as recent as 2014, all showing up to meet and network with other alumni and friends. Continue reading

Adam Fletcher ’02 Pioneers Youth Policy in Brazil

Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (CENPEC) Advertises November Conference

Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (CENPEC) advertises November conference

Adam Fletcher ’02 is a consultant, author, and public speaker on topics including youth engagement, education policy, and community development. As a consultant, Fletcher has gotten used to “posing questions and challenging norms to which [he doesn’t] get to see outcomes.” But for eight days in November 2014, at a conference organized by the Center for Studies and Research in Education, Culture and Community Action (CENPEC), held in São Paulo, Brazil, his experience shattered that narrative. This is the story of how Adam Fletcher, a man who started his career as a youth worker at age 14, and at times lived homeless while growing up in Alberta, Canada and later in South Dakota, Montana and Nebraska, came to inspire and inform the creation of Brazil’s youth engagement programs. Continue reading