Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first American ascent of Everest

Willi Unsoeld and photographer Barry Bishop at promontory and future site of Camp 4W on Everest’s West Ridge, with 25,000-foot Nupse in the background.
Photo: Tom Hornbein & Seattlepi.com

50 years ago former faculty member, Willi Unsoeld, climbed Mount Everest as one of the first American’s ever to do so. Below is a collection of news articles and media that celebrate this historic anniversary – including a group of climbers who are attempting to retrace the historic climb:

Seattle PI: Everest: The West Ridge, a climb into the heavens

Adventure Journal: The List: 50 Things About the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 American Everest Expedition

The Mountaineers (club): May 22, 2013: a conversation between Tom Hornbein & John Krakauer

Oregon State University: 50th anniversary of historic Everest climb + video

Eddie Bauer: two teams return to retrace the historic steps of the first American ascent

Wlli Unsoeld’s Keynote Address at Keene State: The Spiritual Values of Wilderness

Willi Unsoeld, to the right, at an Evergreen faculty summer retreat.

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