Pursuing the Dream at Procession

Students and faculty of the program Awakening the Dreamer, Pursuing the Dream dance through the streets of downtown Olympia during Procession of the Species on Saturday, Apr. 27, 2013. The group dressed as their spirit animals, and represented the element “air”. — Shauna Bittle photo

Each year, in concert with Earth Day, Olympians take to the streets in a big way for a celebration unlike any other. It’s called the Procession of the Species, and it seems to bring the whole city out for a joyous Saturday downtown.

Founded by Evergreen alumnus Eli Sterling almost 20 years ago, the Procession is a celebration of nature and the elements; but it’s also an expression of community. The studio space where costumes are built is open to all, and everyone is invited to participate.

This year, faculty Cynthia Kennedy and Terry Setter brought the students of Awakening the Dreamer, Pursuing the Dream to the studio several weeks in advance of Earth Day. They learned about the history and intent of the Procession from Eli Sterling himself, and then decided as a group to go as physical embodiments of their spirit animals. We documented them as they created their costumes and then, on Procession Day, as they danced through the streets.

Please enjoy their journey in this short video, our latest One Minute Evergreen:
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