Photoland Intern Andrew Jeffers Sums Up a Great Year

(Editor’s Note: This is reposted from the EVERGreat Inside Evergreen web log by Evergreen Photo Services/Photoland.)

Each year, one of Evergreen’s photo students gets to sample the life of a working photographer in a nine-month staff photographer internship. The student works with the  staff photographer to document the classes, groups and events that make Evergreen unique. It’s a full-time job and takes an eye for storytelling as well as the versatility to walk into any situation and find a way to capture it.

This year, we had the pleasure of working with Andrew Jeffers, who’s been a regular in Photoland for a while. He brought some great classroom experience with him, and really took this internship as an opportunity to expand his skills. He produced thousands of photos for the archive, and several video pieces for our One Minute Evergreen series. He was truly a pleasure to work with over the course of the school year.

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