“Put a bird on it” at Return to Evergreen 2016 with famed ornithologist Steve Herman

Mark your calendars now for Return to Evergreen 2016 on October 15! Back by popular demand, Faculty Emeritus Steve Herman, PhD will lead a nature walk through the lush woods surrounding campus.

This session will put you right in the ecological core of Evergreen. Steve will name and describe for you the native specimens and how they interact while answering any questions you have about how the college is part of an ecosystem. From the upper forests, the session treks down to the rocky shoreline past the marshes and creeks stretching over the Evergreen property. On the waterfront, you’ll be treated to views of Eld Inlet and rolling foothills leading north to the Olympics.

Students walk through Evergreen forest trails on August 1st, 2012.

Steve still teaches summer ornithology programs, as he has been doing for more than forty years. He’s taken student across the west, from Washington to Oregon, California and beyond, but he knows few places like he knows Evergreen.

His work in naturalism has not only helped him succeed in academia, but also in activism against abusive grazing by ranch cattle. He’s focused on protecting wild lands for as long as he’s been teaching, and has even been able to combine the two in his programs. More recently, Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, where Steve engaged with federal and private landowners to modify land practices in favor of native flora and fauna, was part of a nationally covered struggle this past January.

Nature-lovers should come with warm fabrics and shoes that can handle the elements and live to tell the tale. The Evergreen Conservation Corps’ work this past spring has significantly improved the primary beach trail, but the chance for mud is still high.

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