Seattle Turns out for Macklemore Filming

We’ve gotten one, maybe two comments under the general heading “enough already with the Macklemore.” Meaning no disrespect to the readers who took the time to comment, we simply cannot resist sharing a few great photos from The Seattle Times about Evergreen’s favorite rapper who returned to the Emerald City to shoot a music video on top of Capitol Hill’s iconic Dick’s Drive-in. It was a beautiful summer night and a good time was had by all.

Ben Haggerty aka “Macklemore” shooting a video at Dick’s Drive-in on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Photo: Erika Schultz/The Seattle Times

The streets around Broadway and Olive Way were filled with fans.
Photo: Erika Schultz/Seattle Times

Even the rooftops were full on this beautiful summer evening.
Photo Erika Schultz/Seattle Times

Thanks for coming, Ben and Ryan. Seattle loves you, and so does The Evergreen Mind. Photo: Marcus Yam/Seattle Times

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