Tim Girvin ’75: On the Nature of Work


The Search for Treasure, from Tim Girvin’s Strategic Branding Blog.

For anyone working in the field of strategic communication, Tim Girvin ’75 is an inspiration. Next time you’re sitting in front of your computer, drained of creative juice, click over to Tim’s Strategic Branding Blog and be inspired.

Here is an excerpt from In the Quest for Light,Being Beauty and the Bearing of Story:

But in the quest for our work –
everything that we do,
it’s a kind of quest for light,
and bearing that light forward.

At the very best, a team of people shines in their work, in the telling of their story –
it’s an uplifting experience;
everyone rises to the wave of momentum in
the team that seeks the upscale rendering of beauty,
truth and the profundity of enhanced experience.

 Each of us looks for betterment;
and many of us
look for beauty.
A moment of light –
the cracking open of discovery
is our own personal treasure finding.
Perhaps, that is the
nature of the work.

Finding treasure.

That’s where I go,
that’s where I come from.