Evergreen Gallery Features New Exhibit “Prison Obscura”


The Evergreen Gallery presents Prison Obscura which features pieces from Evergreen faculty member Steve Davis, Josh Begley, Paul Rucker, Alyse Emdur, and Robert Gumpert. Prison Obscura runs from January 14th 2016- March 2nd 2016 For more information please feel free to click the links below for more information.

Prison Obscura


“Prison Obscura considers this fundamental distortion that characterizes vision and viewing, how we see and don’t see the people we incarcerate, the people we put in boxes. Guiding the viewer through the visual culture of America’s prisons, the exhibit traces the contours of that box, to attempt to make sense of the dominant narratives and stereotypes that somehow justify a U.S. system now locking up people at an unprecedented rate. What do we know of our prisons? Do photographs help us know? Are the images of prisons we see reliable? Are they even useful? How do images relate to the political, social, and economic realities that exist within our prison industrial complex? Do prisons, as closed sites, present any challenges to the claims photography makes as a medium of communication?  – Pete Brook”

Guests mingling during opening night of Prison Obscura



One of the exhibits featured in Prison Obscura