Sound Learning Communities Sailing

In summer of 2009, I participated in a faculty development institute on maritime studies. We departed from Bellingham’s Cruise Terminal on August 18th, aboard the Schooner Zodiac and sailed to Cypress Island and then Sucia Island.  The videos I shot on my Flip camera during the 3 day sail are viewable on Vimeo by all who participated in the institute (contact me for the password).

Waking Up at Cypress Island

Sailing to Sucia

The Adventuress and the Robot

Exploring Sucia

Return to Bellingham

The first video, Waking Up at Cypress Island, focuses on the play of light, the sounds of wind, water and people waking up the morning of the second day.  The second records the sail to Sucia Island.  The third, The Adventuress and the Robot, explores the schooner Adventuress, interacts with several of her passengers (an Elder Hostel group with their grandchildren), and records imagery captured from the submersible robot on the Zodiac.  The fourth video, Exploring Sucia, shows several of us riding the inflatable to shore, shots of the Adventuress sailing west past Johnston Point, and other details of the island.

The final video is of our return to Bellingham.  The cruise back began calmly, but the wind picked up and got stronger and stronger as we approached Bellingham Bay. As we headed toward the harbor we heard that a young man had gone overboard from his father’s sailboat on the other side of the bay. We participated in search and rescue efforts coordinated by the Coast Guard who rescued the man and brought him to safety.