Beckett Studies

“ Unfathomable mind, now beacon, now sea.”

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The Samuel Beckett Society (link)  

School of Life: Beckett

Lecture Slides from a previous program
Samuel Beckett Resources (a messy clearing house of links) Beckett on Film: Waiting for Godot Beginning with Beckett 
Beckett Digital Manuscript Project


Beckett on Film: Happy Days


Beckett-Murphy, Watt, Philosophy


Marjorie Perloff – In Love with Hiding – Beckett’s war  

Beckett on Film: Play

Molloy Part 2 – Silly Map   Preview the document


/ ApproachesPreview the document

Per Nykrog, Ruins of the Past-Reading Beckett Intertextually


Beckett Documentary: As the Story Was Told Beckett, Late Work and Plays (snippets)
Samuel Beckett, En Attendant Godot (full text in French) Beckett: The 70’s Detective Show  


Shira Wolosky, The Negative Way Negated-Beckett’s Texts for Nothing


Lisa Dwan on performing Beckett  


Beckett on Film: A Piece of Monologue  



Beckett’s “Eh, Joe” w/ Liam Neeson



Beckett on Film: Ohio Impromptu



Pitch n Putt with Joyce and Beckett  



Alan Rickman discussing performing Beckett  



Excerpt from John Hurt’s performance of Krapp’s Last Tape  


1987 film clip of Beckett talking about the television adaptation of What Where



Andy Wimbush on Beckett and Quietism



Lecture: Derek Attridge “Beckett’s Singularity


Rick Cluchy on Godot and the San Quentin Prison Drama Workshop
Cooldrinagh, Foxrock, where Beckett was born, grew up



  Play: Nacht un Träume (Night and Dreams)


  What Where (TV version of Play + documentary)

What Where



Bill Irwin Irish Rep:

MISC (from prior courses)

Unnamable Reading notes for Week 9

Unnamable Reading Notes for Week 8

Beckett Excerpts – Late Work and Short Plays

…. Lecture — Later work and aesthetics

Notes : Freud, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer

Beckett, Detective