Literary Arts Foundations, Fall 2018

Foundations Syllabus (PDF) —current draft of syllabus

Literary Arts Foundations is an annually repeating program for students interested in building an emphasis in Literary Arts and includes creative writing practice, close reading and literary analysis, and major concepts in literary thought and history with special relevance for creative practice.

Foundations will provide a supportive environment for you to grow as a writer and thinker in a learning community that combines rigor, creative play, collaboration, as well as the support to practice your art in solitude.

While the syllabus changes each year, Literary Arts Foundations programs are specifically designed to be preparatory for Advanced, Capstone, and other upper division programs in creative writing and literary study.

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Programs this year (18-19) that include similar foundational experiences include Unmasking the Material World, The German Program, Gateways, Dangerous Readings, Writing the Wild West, and Combinatory Play.