2018 Fall

Literary Arts Foundations

2019 Winter & Spring

Combinatory Play, with Brian Walter

2019 – 2020 Fall, Winter, Spring

The French Program: Dark Romantics, with Marianne Bailey



(Summers) Book Arts

(18) SOS Creative Writingwith Miranda Mellis 

(17-18) Narrative Silences, with Vuslat Katsanis

 (16-17) Paris Muse

(16)The Social Gaze: Representation and Resistance

(15-16) Selves & Others: Representation and Performance

(Summers) Writer’s Paradise

(15) Calculated Fiction (iii): Adventures in Structure

(14-15) Structures & Strictures: Fiction, Mathematics, and Philosophy

(14) Fiction Laboratory (ii)

(13-14) Narrative Objects

(13) SOS in Literary Arts

(12-13) Stop Making Sense

(11-12) French Program: Forbidden Metaphors

(11) Calculated Fiction (iii)

(10-11) Cities, Real & Imagined

(10) Written in Stone

(09-10) The Eye of the Story

(09)The Organism that Literature Demands

(08-09) Creativity and Constraint: Hard-Boiled Wonderland

(07-08) Monstrous Possibility: Writing and Theory

(07) Writing Beyond Language

(06-07) The Art of the Book

(06) Fiction Laboratory (i)

(05-06) Imagining the Past

(04-05) Advanced Poetics

(04) Calculated Fiction (i)

(03-04) Our Place in Nature

(02-03) Citizen Artist: Activism through Art