Deadline: June 4The Evergreen State College Natural History Collections are a valuable scientific and educational resource. Our mission is to educate the Evergreen community about regional and global biodiversity. With approximately 27,000 specimens of plants, animals, lichens, and fungi, the collections are an important resource for students interested in exploring the fields of natural history, evolutionary biology, biogeography, ecology, and biodiversity conservation. We are seeking one highly qualified student with an interest in gaining experience in collections curation, management, education, and outreach. Successful applicants will gain an in-depth understanding of the inner workings
of natural history collections.

Job description: job duties include: (1) Curation/management – collecting, specimen preparation, collections maintenance, database management (2) Education and outreach – program assistance, interpretive displays and signage, newsletter generation, web
presence, and special events.

Qualifications: Successful candidates will have a strong background in biology and a keen interest in the application of natural history collections to the fields of Systematics, Evolutionary biology, and Ecology. Preparatory coursework would include introductory
biology (e.g. Botany: Plants and People, IES, INS or equivalent), and at least one upperdivision program or course in a related field (e.g. Field Plant Taxonomy, Fungal Kingdom, or Bryology). Applicants with a specific area of interest must be prepared to gain skills and experience across a broad variety of taxa and activities. Fellowship will be for one year with opportunities for renewal for continuing students. Fellowships are for 10 hours per week during the academic year (30 weeks) at $12/hour (subject to funding).
Application Materials: Please submit a statement of interest, detailed curriculum vita or resume (with contact information), transcripts (unofficial or official), and the names and contact information of two references to Frederica Bowcutt (Lab II; by 5pm Monday June 4, 2012.