Saturday, Dec. 8th from 10am-2pm at Swan Creek Park.  See below.

Please join us this Saturday, December 8th, as we “welcome home” Swan Creek Salmon:

This Saturday, December 8, 2012, is the ninth annual, Salmon Saturday in Swan Creek Park, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Pioneer Way East entrance to Swan Creek Park (located between River and Waller Roads, near Barkers Barn and the Clay Art Center ).

Friends of Swan Creek Watershed, the Tacoma EnviroChallenger Program, and Tacoma Nature Center environmental educators invite you to join them in welcoming Swan Creek salmon as they return home to spawn.  Experience the special wonder of watching salmon make their way upstream in an urban setting! 

The event includes tours of the park to see the spawning salmon, children’s activities, salmon-friendly home & gardening information and more.  And, learn what a watershed is, and what we can do to protect our valuable water resources, through hands on activities for all ages.

Take a tour, stroll or hike on your own, or simply stop by to pick up free resource materials.  But don’t miss this great event!

Friends of Swan Creek Watershed’s mission is to cultivate environmental stewardship through educational and volunteer opportunities.  They welcome the participation of individuals, families, groups and schools to learn and work together to preserve this valuable natural resource in our urban landscape.

For more information about their activities, or to sign up for email notices, contact Sue Bernstein, 253-472-7264 or

Swan Creek Park Directions ( Pioneer Way E. Entrance):

Coming from River Road (near I-5):  If you are on Pioneer Way E. coming from River Road, watch for the Clay Art Center and Barker’s Barn (both on the right side of the road) and the mattress/furniture company on the left.  The park entrance is just past that, on the right.  If you reach Waller Road , you’ve passed it.

Coming from Puyallup : If you are coming from the Puyallup area on Pioneer Way E. , watch for Waller Road on the left.  The park entrance is just past that, also on the left.