Tuesday, December 11th at 7pm

Please bring a friend and join us for the next Olympia Science Café.


When:     7:00 pm, Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Where:    Room 110, Harned Hall, Saint Martin’s University, 5300 Pacific Avenue SE, Lacey, Washington

December’s topic is Protection Against Protein Unfolding in Diseases of Ageing.

Cellular degeneration during ageing is often characterized by the slow progressive destabilization and unfolding of proteins that proceed to form filaments, fibrils and aggregates in cells and tissues.  Well known examples of degenerative diseases involving protein destabilization and unfolding are Alzheimer’s disease, cataract, and retinal degeneration.  In response to the stress of destabilization and unfolding, cells can produce protective proteins called stress response proteins that delay the progression of cell and tissue degeneration in the eye and brain during ageing.  Stress response proteins that protect against protein destabilization and unfolding are being considered for therapeutic use in the inhibition of the rate of cellular degeneration.  Therapeutic use of stress response proteins has the potential to protect against cellular degeneration to improve visual function and quality of life in our ageing population.

Our speaker this month is Professor John Clark, Chairman of Biological Structures, University of Washington, Seattle.

January Topic:

The Endangered Species Act and Prairie Species:
Biology, Conservation and Management

Jodi Bush, Division Manager, Listing and Recovery
Ted Thomas, Ecologist
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services