See Below

6:30 pm  Last Call at the Oasis
A lucid, emotionally involving portrait of the looming crisis surrounding dwindling American water supplies.

9:00 pm  Empowered: Power for the People.
Is it possible for an entire community to live off the grid? It’s happening in Ithaca, NY!
4:00 pm  The Moo Man
A charming documentary about a UK farmer who raises his cows with more personal touch than usual.

6:00 pm  Symphony of the Soil  
An artistic exploration of the miraculous substance called soil and our relationship with this precious resource.

9:00 pm  Who Bombed Judi Bari?
A detailed look into the case of two Earth First activists falsely arrested and accused of car-bombing themselves.

2:30 pm  Trashed
A vivid depiction of the alarming global problem of what we humans throw away – a growing  ecological crisis.

5:30 pm  Bidder 70
Tim DeChristopher’s unique and courageous act of civil  disobedience by bidding on land being auctioned for oil and gas leasing.

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