Whitewater Rafting Internship

Triad River Tours
336 36th Street, Suite 191
Bellingham, WA
Posted: March 15 2017
Application Deadline: June 1, 2017
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid
Timeframe: 06/06/17 — 09/06/17 (Flexible)


Triad River Tours is a whitewater rafting company in Washington State, serving the greater Seattle and Bellingham areas. Our mission is to facilitate the relationships that exist between people and their natural environment through the development of superior operational procedures, excellent equipment, highly trained and compensated guides, and through continued innovation through creativity and testing of all of our safety and guiding systems.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

NEVER putting other people at unnecessary risk.

Introducing yourself to our guests, and assisting guides with preparations.

Having an evacuation phone and hiking in to locations to check for safety (this is a great benefit if you are interested in becoming a guide).

Protocol testing and safety system studying.

We have very high standards for organization, punctuality, integrity, and professionalism. We are in the outdoor hospitality industry so this is a position that requires a great deal of sacrifice for the well being of others.

If you do not work hard, or if you complain, we will terminate your employment/internship.


Mandatory requirements are subjective depending on the character and abilities of the applicant. All academic skill sets are valuable (outdoor recreation, environmental science, geology, et al), and hard skills such as previous whitewater rafting or kayaking experience are helpful. Applicants who wish to intern and learn the trade their first summer may do so under the knowledge that they must work hard and take on the responsibilities of anyone who would have these certifications, and at times must work harder in order to develop skills needed for river travel. Washington State law requires a 50 hour certification program be completed prior to any guiding; this 50 hour guiding certification program is included in the internship. All instructors training new applicants will teach and explore concepts taught in the WFA/WFR and SRT-1 courses, so having these skill sets before training is helpful and will speed up the progression, but they are not mandatory for the internship, only for paid positions which often develop out of internships. In order to be paid as a guide on any whitewater above class 3 you will need an SRT-1 (swiftwater rescue technician) certification as well as advanced medical such as a WFA or WFR (wilderness first aid/wilderness first responder). This is not negotiable.


Required – Fitness, Swimmer
Preferred – Driving, Kayaking