The Piovia-Scott lab in community ecology, species interactions, and conservation at WSU Vancouver has an immediate need for one or more field assistants for a project on the effects on beavers on amphibian populations in the Washington Cascades Mountains.

Location: Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington.

Pay: We are accepting volunteers, and a paid, 40-hour per week position is open for right candidate.

Schedule: to be determined. The bulk of the work will between 10 July – 18 August 2017 (8 hour days x 5 days per week x 6 weeks). Part-time assistants will be considered, but candidates who can work 5-day shifts are preferred.

The goal of the study is to understand how beaver dams influence the abundance of seven different species of pond-breeding amphibians. Our results will be used to inform beaver reintroduction and management projects in the montane Pacific Northwest. The field assistant(s) will work closely with a postdoctoral researcher and another field assistant to conduct visual encounter surveys for amphibians in wetlands ranging in elevation from ~1800 to 3200 ft. We will also map aquatic habitats and measure habitat characteristics.

The crew will car-camp at campgrounds with minimal accommodations and occasional inclement weather is to be expected. The work will require a large amount of hiking in rough terrain and walking in and around wetlands. Applicants with experience working or hiking in remote areas and experience in biological research are preferred, but individuals with less experience but strong interest in research are encouraged to apply. Responsible conduct and an ability to get along well with others under challenging field conditions are required.

You can learn more about the Piovia-Scott lab at:

Contact John Romansic at for more details and to apply.