13090 / Director/Board Member Intern

Homes First

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M-F 9-4:30pm and last Thursday of every month
CEO & Board President
Learn What It Takes to Run a Thriving Nonprofit. Our voting board and community advisory groups are comprised of a diverse range of professionals with numerous ties to the communities we serve.

The mission of Homes First is to provide safe, healthy, affordable rental homes for those who need them most.

As an intern, you will become a voting member of the board of directors. During that time, you will work with the CEO and Board president on a variety of upcoming initiatives including but not limited to:

• Developing a New Strategic Plan
• Developing a Marketing and Outreach Plan
• Updating & Improving Policies & Procedures
• Board Development
• Opening Doors to Homes First (outreach program)
• Social Impact Investing

We are especially interested in your participation if you yourself are low income OR live in a low income neighborhood and could joining your neighborhood association. Homes First! is a certified CHDO organization and is actively seeking Board members who represent the low-income community. This includes members of Boards from Neighborhood Associations who serve the low-income community or those who are members of the low-income community themselves.

Help Homes First Provide Housing By Serving On Our Board of Directors.

For additional information visit:

Homes First Safe, Affordable Housing

• Support the mission of Homes First and are willing to share it
• Are yourself low income (80% or less of Area Median Income) OR
• Are or can become a member of a low-income neighborhood association
• Are able to attend board meeting- last Thursday of every month

-Learn What It Takes to Run a Thriving Nonprofit
-Strategic Planning
-Marketing and Outreach Planning & Implementation
-Writing Policies & Procedures
-Board Development & Education
-Social Impact Investing

Complete application for board membership:

or contact:
ceo@homesfirst.org for more details

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Off Campus
Lacey, WA
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