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Some hours required Thurs + Fri and flexible open studio hours.
Steven Hendricks
The Book Arts Studio Aide will help students directly with letterpress and bookbinding tasks in t= he classroom and during open studio hours; the aide will help to maintain a= clean and safe studio; the aide will complete miscellaneous studio improvement projects; the aide will coordinate with Printmaking Studio Technician = and Printmaking Studio Aides to manage miscellaneous tasks related to running the studio and supporting students.
Candidates must have prior experience with letterpress or hand bookbinding preferably both. Candidates must have strong communication skills and be= able to engage supportively with students working on a wide range of projects. An effective studio aide is detail-oriented, has quantitative skills, and is good at finding tasks to improve and maintain a space with lots of different users working with a variety of materials and equipment.
Studio aide will gain new skills in tutoring others with creative projects, will have the opportunity to develop their own craft and artistic practices, and will gain experience being responsible = for supporting the safe and smooth functioning of a art studio.
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