12494 / Fishmonger

The Olympia Seafood Company, Inc.

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three weekly shifts 10am to 6pm
Kira DeRito
We are Olympia’s fresh fish market! As such we offer deli-style service for our valued customers where we simply provide them with the seafood items they request – weighing, wrapping and ultimately cashier work. We also do a fair amount of cleaning and a fair amount of food prep work making sauces, cakes, burgers, salads, and dips. This position is for shifts including a Saturday and the successful applicant must be available to work those shifts through the fall and winter, including our busy holiday season. Additional hours and/or fill in hours may be available (if wanted).
We like to like to be at work! As such we require you are a friendly, happy, neat and timely person who is willing to work hard as part of a team and learn new things. Upon employment you will need to obtain a food handling permit, but otherwise we will teach you what you need to know. We also are looking for someone who loves seafood and talking with people. Join us!
Apply in person between the hours of 10am and noon by visiting our fish shop at 411 Columbia St NW in downtown Olympia. Please bring a basic resume with you and we look forward to meeting you!

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Downtown Olympia
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