Sustainability Fellowships

Sustainability Fellows will support ongoing institutional and regional sustainability projects in Winter and Spring quarters of 2018.

APPLY NOW!Graduate Students interested in sustainability are encouraged to apply for the 2017-18 Sustainability Fellowships.  These stipend-based fellowships offer students an opportunity to engage with on-going campus sustainability projects while gaining real-world experience in a variety of key skills.  Fellows will report to either the Director of Sustainability or the Director of the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure and support both campus and regional sustainability outreach.


  • Positions are open to any student enrolled in graduate studies at The Evergreen State College (at least half-time) during winter and spring of 2018.
  • Students should demonstrate an interest in and some knowledge of the key topics and skills inherent to the position

To Apply: please submit the following documents, electronically, to by 10pm November 10, 2017:

  1. Cover Letter (1 page)  – Identify the position(s) you are interested in, why you are interested and what knowledge or skills you offer
  2. Resume/Curriculum – Please include pertinent academic work
  3. Two references


  • November 10: Applications Due
  • November 27 – December 8: Applicant Interviews
  • December 13: Hiring Announcements
  • January 8: Fellowships Begin

2017-18 Fellowship Positions

CSI Fellow

  • Winter and Spring quarters, January 8 – May 31
  • flexible schedule
  • 15-19 hours/week
  • $4,000 winter, $3,000 spring quarter

The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure is creating an online Virtual Tour of Washington’s 21st Century Infrastructure. The Graduate Sustainability Fellow who helps us develop this project will aid in producing a web-based map of shining innovation examples from across the state. Tying together exemplary projects into an interactive virtual tour, we can tell a coherent, compelling story about how innovation is supporting quality of life across the state.

  • The student will aid in the production of a “web app” map using ArcGIS Online and/or Tableau mapping software. Users of the app will be able to click on different regions of the state and view information and photos about sustainable, resilient, and integrated energy, water, waste, and transportation systems in different Washington communities.
  • The work to make this happen will include seeking out photos and information from communities across Washington State by reaching out to Public Works professionals and municipal leaders across all different regions of the state, and conducting short targeted interviews.
  • Interview data will be combined with other available sources. The student will learn to upload data to the online web app system, make appropriate edits, troubleshoot and streamline the tool.
  • The “virtual tour” element of this web map will involve a “click through” capability that highlights some of the most interesting and noteworthy examples of 21st century infrastructure—Students can help to identify noteworthy projects to include in the virtual tour, and build out the presentation using Esri’s ArcGIS Online or related software.


  • Strong written/verbal communication skills
  • Professional demeanor and ability to conduct short interviews by phone
  • Self-motivated, ability to work at own pace and be self-directed
  • Experience conducting qualitative research
  • Experience working with ArcGIS Online or other web-based mapping software (desired)
  • Experiencing with web-editing or online databases is a plus
  • Interest in sustainable infrastructure (water, energy, waste & transportation public works systems) and related public policy

Expectations and Deliverables:

  • Meet weekly with CSI Operations Manager (30-60 minutes).
  • Maintain an activity log of progress to share during weekly meetings.
  • Identify gaps in rough list of state-wide sustainable infrastructure projects compiled by CSI staff and student volunteers (which communities have not yet been engaged with?).
  • Working with CSI staff, identify/standardize key variables, stats, and info to be requested from public works leaders in remaining WA communities.
  • Conduct phone/email interviews, recording data. Ensure that data collection is complete and properly documented. Save data and relevant photos/maps/media to an online database.
  • Transfer data to ArcGIS web app, once it is configured by CSI staff.
  • Troubleshoot features and functionality of ArcGIS web app—provide feedback and suggestions.
  • Assist with development of “click-through” virtual tour capability—identifying most interesting projects, and building out a communication strategy to present data in a compelling narrative format.

Carbon Offsets Fellow

  • Winter and Spring quarters, January 8 – May 31
  • flexible schedule
  • 15-19 hours/week
  • $4,000 winter, $3,000 spring quarter

Carbon Offsets have been defined as a key strategy for the College to achieve ‘carbon neutrality’. However, given the emergent nature of carbon offset practices and markets, there remain a large number of unknowns, uncertainties, and unwanted impacts associated with offset projects. You will assist the Director of Sustainability to complete and summarize on-going research into carbon offset projects and markets, and assist with campus engagement and discussion of what offsets the College should and should not pursue.

  • Prepare white papers on carbon offsets and internal carbon taxes
  • Assist with campus education and planning for carbon offset purchases
  • Convene on-campus, stakeholder discussions of offset qualifications and processes

Expectations and Deliverables:

  • Meet weekly with the Director of Sustainability (1 hour/week)
  • Maintain an activity log
  • Meet with College staff to define technical constraints and concerns
  • Perform literature review and interviews to define best offset project practices
  • Prepare reports and provide briefings to College stakeholder groups, as needed
  • Provide content and assist with campus outreach activities
  • Compile and assess feedback from the technical discussions
  • Prepare summary reports on discussion, feedback, and conclusions

Sustainability Outreach Fellow

  • Winter and Spring quarters, January 8 – May 31
  • flexible schedule
  • 15-19 hours/week
  • $4,000 for winter, $3,000 for spring quarter

Work with the Director of Sustainability to develop durable educational outreach content and structures for on-line and/or in-class learning, along with content suitable for social media and public outreach.

  • Build educational modules in Canvas that explain sustainability projects and practices on campus
  • Assist with campus outreach regarding the Climate Action Plan, which may include developing content, working through social media sites, and/or presenting to groups.
  • Assist with a sustainability speaker series

Expectations and Deliverables:

  • Meet weekly with Director of Sustainability (1 hour/week)
  • Maintain an activity log
  • Build educational modules in Canvas that address the College’s sustainability-related practices. Topics will include LEED Buildings, Transportation, Heating, Electricity, Renewable energy, Food, Waste, Community Connections, Student Originated Projects, (and perhaps more)
  • Assist the Director with coordination of outreach plans with College communications staff


Evergreen Director of Sustainability, Scott Morgan, (360) 867-6913.