Water Quality Technician is expected to collect water quality as part of a comprehensive program dealing with both surface and subsurface waters within the Quinault Reservation. These data include those necessary for compliance with the Clean Water Act, ongoing water quality sampling, participation in water and watershed planning processes, and working with issues related to both point and non-point source pollution. The position shall monitor water within the Quinault Usual and Accustomed Hunting and Fishing area that may affect fish production. The position will work with other Departments within the Division of Natural Resources, and with other Divisions of the Quinault Indian Nation on water related issues. Must have: Valid Washington State Driver’s License. Desired: Associate of Science Degree in natural sciences (e.g. limnology or aquatic ecology) or closely related field, three years of experience at the Technician 2 level or equivalent, experience with computer applications including Word, Excel and Access, experience with water chemistry and analytical equipment used in the professional laboratory and field sampling, basic understanding of fresh water biology, chemistry, and salmonid fish life history. Supervisor: E Clifford

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Applications and job descriptions are available by contacting Human Resources. Employment offers are conditional on passing drug test, criminal records, or background check. The Nation supports Quinault Preference in all hiring.

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